These soccer meat idols

These soccer meat idols

God is upset and He is not pleased with soccer skills of people but with humility, not before the Pope or his statues as these soccer meat idols do,

but before Him

Psalms 147:10 Not in the might of the horse doth He delight, Not in the legs of a man is He pleased. 11 Jehovah is pleased with those fearing Him, With those waiting for His kindness.

Isaiah 42:1 Lo, My servant, I take hold on him, My chosen one — My soul hath accepted, I have put My Spirit upon him, Judgment to nations he bringeth forth.

Isaiah 42:2 He doth not cry, nor lift up, Nor cause his voice to be heard, in the street. 3 A bruised reed he breaketh not, And dim flax he quencheth not, To truth he bringeth forth judgment. 4 He doth not become weak nor bruised, Till he setteth judgment in the earth, And for his law isles wait with hope.

Isaiah 66:1 Thus said Jehovah: The heavens [are] My throne, And the earth My footstool, Where [is] this — the house that ye build for Me? And where [is] this — the place — My rest? 2 And all these My hand hath made, And all these things are, An affirmation of Jehovah! And unto this one I look attentively, Unto the humble and bruised in spirit, And who is trembling at My word.

Satan: «All the glory of the world, I mean, silver, gold, whores, beautiful places, richness, I will give to you if you work for me!»

Michael : «Do not you dare to try to hire me in any of your soccer clubs, Satan, I do not play to please you in exchange of your money, with whom you want, when you want or where you want, but I play to have some fun by free with whom I want, where I want and when I want!, I do not serve gold or silver, and I do not want your trophies, you can ramm all of them to your asshole, I serve God and I look for his blessings (Proverbs 19:14, Leviticus 21:13, Proverbs 18:22, Genesis 2:24)!»

Gabriel a true Servant of Jehovah God

Gabriel :My alternative name means: Psalms 118:14 Jehovah is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation. Hosea 13:4 And I [am] Jehovah thy God from the land of Egypt, And a God besides Me thou dost not know, And a Saviour — there is none save Me; you see (or maybe not (Daniel 12:10)) it is not myself, but Jehovah is my Saviour, Satan!, do not teach others to pray to me, even if you do it yourself!

The purpose why I made my blog:

In this very short video I explain the purpose of my blog : bestiadn.comyou can read more specific details here: , however I can not guarantee that, even after reading it, you will understand it (Daniel 12:10)Script of audio the video:This is Jose, the author of the blog:, the purpose of my blog is to unmask the false christianity and by doing so also
unmask the false religions that rule the world, because by doing the first, the second can be done at the same time, that is the purpose
of my blog


Vence el odio con el amor» vs. «vence la calumnia con la verdad« (Daniel 8:25 Con su sagacidad hará prosperar el engaño en su mano; y en su corazón se engrandecerá, y sin aviso destruirá a muchos; y se levantará contra el Príncipe de los príncipes, pero será quebrantado, aunque no por mano humana.

Isaías 42:3 No quebrará la caña cascada, ni apagará el pábilo que humeare; por medio de la verdad traerá justicia.)» Al ver este pequeño video, solamente algunos podrán comprender parte de las muchas mentiras que son presentadas como «El Cristianismo» (Apocalipsis 22:11)
La Bestia, es semejante a un animal irracional.. las coherentes razones de los humildes no entiende, la bestia sigue con irónica arrogancia la estupidez que le enseñan sus propios semejantes – (Daniel 12:10)
Daniel 7:21
(Veía como la mentira y la calumnia vencían a aquellos que alguna vez conocieron la verdad (Juan 17:17) y murieron por difundirla (Apocalipsis 20:4)

Daniel 7:22
Hasta que la sabiduría de la Luz (El «anciano» de la Luz, porque con la sabiduría se formó el universo) la aprendió el pueblo santo – Proverbios 3:13-18, Proverbios 11:21)