A high-cost project

A high-cost project
Message to my enemies (the slanderers):


This project is a high cost of time and money for me in proportion to my financial income, but you who slandered and kidnapped me, you will have to compensate me in some way or another, because my honor is non-negotiable and thus I clean up my image and good name as well.


I called and absolutely no one answered me correctly, but I do not discourage..


If you thought I was like you and I’d say, «Who like the beast and its beastly kingdom?» as always, you were wrong. Daniel 2:44. Isaias 66:24 The Lord summons his Kingdom and also hell for his enemies.


light and darkness


I work like this in the true word of God, because I am different from you, talker of the Bible, and that is why you shepherd of the Bible, you Pablo Soliz, you as a Satan, you have slandered me and caused me to be kidnapped and that will not go unpunished , even if the whole world is in your favor and against me,.. I will achieve justice without giving public speeches, without asking for donations, without temples of meeting, without controversy with modern «Pharisees» like you. Isaias 42:4 He shall not tire or faint, until he establishes righteousness on the earth; and the coasts will await their law.

My previous blogs were a failure in visits, in my indignation I deleted them, but from those blogs I learned, it was very expensive to make them, I have spent many soles of shoes and hours of my time walking in the sun and in the rain sticking labels in various places in Lima , And will it be in vain so much effort? No, I will achieve my goals because Jehovah is with me and the prophecies speak for me and against you.
Did you say it’s all on my mind?

Pablo Soliz, have you forgotten what I told you when I was taken into captivity into your house?


I said to you, «Didn’t you read the parable of the wicked labradors and the stone they have despised?» You said, «We’re all that stone,» I say, «In a construction not all bricks can be the cornerstone, and I’m not like you, you’re not like me, you’re a slanderer, but I’m a truthful witness,» I still had a lot to learn , although I ceased to be Catholic, I trusted that the Bible had only the truth, but I still knew much more than you, 1998, and those words were an attack and long-term defense that today took effect!
From my mind I will take you out and in my mind I will send you to hell, and whatever is in my mind that will be reality, for I perceive things as they are and I do not distort them as you, I do not distort reality precisely because I am not a slanderer like you!.

Preventing my neighbor from despicable people like you, it is worth it, even if they are only five in Lima, it is worth working to give them the information that they will value and I would have wanted to know sooner so as not to fall into the trap that you had me with your flattery!.

This was translated with Bing Microsoft Translator from: https://bestiadn.com/2019/09/03/este-proyecto-es-un-alto-costo-de-tiempo-y-de-dinero-para-mi-en-proporcion-de-mis-ingresos-economicos-pero-los-que-me-calumniaron-y-secuestraron-tendran-que-indemnizarme-de-alguna-u-otra-forma-pues/
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(An example of defamation against the messengers of the Most High: A troll publishes a picture which ridicules Russian President Vladimir Putinhttps://bestiadn.com/2019/08/11/a-troll-publishes-a-photo-that-ridicules-russian-president-vladimir-putin/)

Revelation 18:1 And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.
Revelation 20:10 And Satan that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are (Satan’s seed (Genesis 3:15-17, Proverbs 29:27)), and they shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

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No soy un genio del ajedrez, ni de la física, ni de las matemáticas,
si llegué a redescubrir el cristianismo auténtico, no es porque yo sea el hombre mas inteligente de entre los hombres, sino
porque yo se lo rogué a Jehová Dios, mi creador; Y algo parecido a esto dijo el profeta Daniel:
Daniel 2:30 «Y a mí me ha sido revelado entender este misterio, no porque en mí haya más sabiduría que en todos los vivientes»
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