542 – Jehovah is avenger and sadic against the Dragon, its army and its descendants

viernes, 6 de septiembre de 2019

Nahum 1:2 A God zealous and avenging [is] Jehovah, An avenger [is] Jehovah, and possessing fury. An avenger [is] Jehovah on His adversaries, And He is watching for His enemies.

3 Jehovah [is] slow to anger, and great in power, And Jehovah doth not entirely acquit, In a hurricane and in a tempest [is] His way, And a cloud [is] the dust of His feet.

4 He is pushing against a sea, and drieth it up, Yea, all the floods He hath made dry, Languishing [are] Bashan and Carmel, Yea, the flower of Lebanon [is] languishing.

5 Mountains have shaken because of Him, And the hills have been melted; And lifted up [is] the earth at His presence, And the world and all dwelling in it.

Nahum 1:6 Before His indignation who doth stand?

And who riseth up in the heat of His anger? His fury hath been poured out like fire, And the rocks have been broken by Him.

Nahum 1:7 Good [is] Jehovah for a strong place in a day of distress. And He knoweth those trusting in Him.

Deuteronomy 32:36 For Jehovah doth judge His people, And for His servants doth repent Himself. For He seeth — the going away of power, And none is restrained and left.

37 And He hath said, Where [are] their gods — The rock in which they trusted;

38 Which the fat of their sacrifices do eat, They drink the wine of their libation! Let them arise and help you, Let it be for you a hiding-place!

39 See ye, now, that I — I [am] He, And there is no god with Me: I put to death, and I keep alive; I have smitten, and I heal; And there is not from My hand a deliverer,

40 For I lift up unto the heavens My hand, And have said, I live — to the age!

41 If I have sharpened the brightness of My sword, And My hand doth lay hold on judgment, I turn back vengeance to Mine adversaries, And to those hating Me — I repay!

42 I will make my arrows drunk with blood,

and my sword shall devour flesh—

with the blood of the slain and the captives,

from the long-haired enemy.

43 Sing ye nations — [with] his people, For the blood of His servants He avengeth, And vengeance He turneth back on His adversaries, And hath pardoned His land — His people.’


The Book of Enoch 97:1. Believe, ye righteous, that the sinners will become a shame

And perish in the day of unrighteousness.
2. Be it known unto you (ye sinners) that the Most High is mindful of your destruction,
And the angels of heaven rejoice over your destruction.

3. What will ye do, ye sinners,

And whither will ye flee on that day of judgement,

When ye hear the voice of the prayer of the righteous?

4. Yea, ye shall fare like unto them,

Against whom this word shall be a testimony:

«Ye have been companions of sinners.»

5. And in those days the prayer of the righteous shall reach unto the Lord,

And for you the days of your judgement shall come.

6. And all the words of your unrighteousness shall be read out before the Great Holy One,

And your faces shall be covered with shame,

And He will reject every work which is grounded on unrighteousness.

7. Woe to you, ye sinners, who live on the mid ocean and on the dry land,

Whose remembrance is evil against you.

8. Woe to you who acquire silver and gold in unrighteousness and say:

«We have become rich with riches and have possessions;

And have acquired everything we have desired

Proverbs 1:19 So [are] the paths of every gainer of dishonest gain, The life of its owners it taketh.

20 Wisdom in an out-place crieth aloud, In broad places she giveth forth her voice,

21 At the head of the multitudes she calleth, In the openings of the gates, In the city her sayings she saith:

22 `Till when, ye simple, do ye love simplicity? And have scorners their scorning desired? And do fools hate knowledge?

23 Turn back at my reproof, lo, I pour forth to you my spirit, I make known my words with you.

24 Because I have called, and ye refuse, I stretched out my hand, and none is attending,

25 And ye slight all my counsel, And my reproof ye have not desired.

26 I also in your calamity do laugh, I deride when your fear cometh,

27 When your fear cometh as destruction, And your calamity as a hurricane doth come, When on you come adversity and distress.

28 Then they call me, and I do not answer, They seek me earnestly, and find me not.

29 Because that they have hated knowledge, And the fear of Jehovah have not chosen.

30 They have not consented to my counsel, They have despised all my reproof,

31 And they eat of the fruit of their way, And from their own counsels they are filled.

32 For the turning of the simple slayeth them, And the security of the foolish destroyeth them.


Isaiah 57:13 When thou criest, let thy gatherings deliver thee, And all of them carry away doth wind, Take away doth vanity, 

And whoso is trusting in Me inheriteth the land, And doth possess My holy mountain.

Jehovah is avenger and sadic against the Dragon, its army and its descendants

Proverbs 16:4 Jehovah God hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.


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