War in the field of telecommunications – The war between angels takes place in the field of telecommunications

War in the field of telecommunications
The war between angels takes place in the field of telecommunications, it is a war of utterances, it is a war of words, it is a war of prayers – angels arrive in human form, both those of truth and those of slander.
On the left you have the unjust angels, thieves who take for them the names of the holy angels, they are characterized by their request to be worshipped, by requests that the prayers be addressed to them, or to their images, or to their statues, or to objects of various forms( (cubic, pyramidal, cross-shaped, etc.), or to the corrupt men who preach their message of submission to corrupt creatures or not, inert or not. To accomplish their purposes and deceive idolaters by nature and the simple but ignorant, the angels of darkness use deceptive tricks:
They do this with the complicity of corrupt governments and the press sold to their sponsors, filmmakers sold to advertise them and show the bad guys of reality as the «good ones of the movie» in their films,
in his fiction,
among the sponsors are the big merchants of toys and Christmas decorations, pork and other lots of etc, because Christmas means business for advertisers, the holidays of false religions means lucrative business for many , it is a knot of interests that are very difficult to untie, but not impossible to unleash.

On the right you have the righteous angels, they want to recover what belongs to them, their good name and their good reputation,
for the slanderers have slandered them by attributing to them their teachings, their physical appearance,
his own madness and his preachings of injustice,
for false prophets have usurped the names of the holy messengers and forged the holy gospel, I know that some besides me have already realized that it is very foolish to believe that the official book of false prophets is the Book of Truth ,
false prophets defend their doctrines with their respective official Books, be this a particular Bible from one of the branches of forgery Christianity,
or be this the book of the Qur’an, both books of roots in the murderous empire of true Christians.
Well wise friends, you who understand me 100% because you are my neighbor and that is why, unlike toads, you spread this blog everywhere, it is in your favor and in my favor who I do this work for , which sets holy messengers apart from callous impostors, time thieves, energy thieves, life thieves and money thieves, is that the holy messengers will never ask you for donations for their campaign, they solve it individually by their own pocket, exactly as I do in this job, in this blog and in all other pub i make about true Christianity
all the expenses incurred will have to be compensated in some way or another by all who have known the irreproachability of these messengers, but they have still dared to slander these righteous people
the holy angels will never ask you for veneration of their garments or other objects of any kind,
Do you want to smell the smell of my bras in my stockings or sniff, like a dog does, my sweaty shirt? .
Maybe you’d rather smell my shirt once it’s clean?, well, don’t ask me for that!
The holy angels will not ask you to venerate the garments of other characters or theirs, the saints will never ask you to address to them your prayers or to any other creature, they will never tell you that you must accept any creature like your lord and saviour, they will never ask you to kneel or lower your head before them, before which object to thus turn that object into an idol,
because an object is only an idol when that object begins to be worshipped, an image is not bad in itself, the bad thing is to worship the image, the false messengers of God will tell you that in front of a cross you must perpose, they will tell you that in front of a cross you must lower your head , the false messengers will tell you that in front of a certain cube you must prostrate, the false prophets will call brothers to those who preach that idolatry, this is so because in fact among them they are not enemies, they are enemies of false flag, they do not persecute each other because they they are united, their small skirmishes are pure circus, the common purpose is to continue to profit from deception, their interest is to continue making money with human merchandise: the deceived people.
The purpose of the holy messengers is that the righteous people may know the truth, and that in this way they may be sanctified by the spirit of God through the knowledge of the truth,
it is important to make it clear that there are many people who will never stop idolate practices,
because they are people with a nature compatible with those of those messengers of Satan who dictated the doctrines of anti-Christianity in their previous life to reincarnate and give themselves a life of kings,
that great mass of people around the world idolizes these characters and the explanation is simple, idolaters are their children
, but the children of the kingdom of God are different, when they read the truth they do not object to it, because the truth comes from them and goes back to them because they spread it to their true people.
+Auto question:
Jose, how have you come to all these conclusions?
My reply: Explore this blog and if you are my neighbor you will fully understand how I have come to these conclusions,
if you are my neighbor, your confusion, I cannot solve it, and it is not my business.


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