Why is idolatry bad?, Why is idolatry a sin?, why it is bad to practice idolatry?

Why is idolatry bad?, Why is idolatry a sin?, why it is bad to practice idolatry?

To conceal his deception, Satan also dares to condemn certain forms of idolatry, but while doing so he blesses his own forms of idolatry,
Below is a YouTube video that highlights the cunning of Satan to deceive people,
However, in the graphic just below that video, I put in evidence his deceptions (I have done it with the use of Spanish,
If you want to translate it into other languages, go ahead! )

, (And I have done it with the help of my God: Jehovah), and why have I done it? It is not because I am a gossip, I am not a gossip, I do not care what things you have done in your private life, I am not a confessor of the idolaters confessional, I make this complaint because I have also been scammed.

In an earlier publication I described what idolatry is and why the Vatican was founded by The Antichrist after killing Christ, but after the Antichrist comes Christ, for he lives in each one of those who believe in the truth.

We are just 144,000 rational people in a world of millions of irrational people.

«Don’t try to teach coherence to the incoherent»
Proverbs 9: 8 Do not rebuke the mocker, that he may not hate you; Rebuke the wise, and he will love you.
It didn’t go well when I tried, they almost killed me!

If it were not for my faith in the blood of the holy covenant, I would already be dead.

Now I will answer the central question:
Why is idolatry bad?
The leader who teaches idolatry seeks to justify that teaching, invents a benefit in the practice of idolatry, and of course, the idolatrous leader invents defects and evils in those people who do not worship the idols of the idolatrous leader.

Example: They tell you: «Those who speak ill of our church are heretics»
They also say: «Those who do not make the pilgrimage to Mecca are unfaithful.»
Another example: They tell you: “Going to the procession of the image of the Purple Christ will give you benefits, the image will shed its blessings”
“If you go on pilgrims in Mecca you will be honoring Allah (Allah is the name of God in a foreign language)”
Then, the idolatrous priest needs to invent benefits to justify his business, and he needs to invent enemies and invent sins.
Many of the followers of idolatrous priests are ungodly, the righteous can be deceived for a short time during their childhood, but as the years go by, the logical and coherent reasoning ability of the righteous keeps them away from idolatrous religions, not only that , they also quickly notice the inconsistency of pretending to serve the God of justice, with the terrible acts of injustice and slander preached by hypocritical leaders.

I give an example of hypocrisy: those who preach the Bible as the Word of God, have not practiced what their Bible says, they have not loved their enemies, they burned their detractors at the stake, they killed other idolaters in the crusades, etc.

Do you think religious persecution is a thing of the past?
Doesn’t slavery exist? What of those people who earn wages just to survive? Are they not forced to work by the system instead of by weapons as in ancient times? The world is the same, there are criminals, there are tyrants, there are rich , there are poor and there is religious persecution, but unlike the previous centuries, the saints have already reincarnated to make the judgment!
What you read is a trial!
In a case of religious persecution slanderously camouflaged of something else, the idolaters tried to kill me!
That is another incentive to develop this fair trial that is not favorable for them.

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