What is idolatry? – The stumbling blocks that cause to fall in idolatry.

[versión en Español aquí] Introduction: The hidden words of Jesus.

Jesus said many things that are not in the Bible about what he said, and also Jesus didn’t say many things that are in the Bible about what he said, similar situation is with the Bible and the messages of the disciples or apostles.


 – What is the great deception which is unmasked at the end times by the servants of God (Daniel 12:9 , Revelation 12:9-10)?


 The great deception: The gospel and the idols of the romans are preached worldwide.


Daniel 7:25 and words as an adversary of the Most High it doth speak, and the saints of the Most High it doth wear out, and it hopeth to change seasons and law; and they are given into its hand, till a time, and times, and a division of a time … As you read, these words in Matthew 5:44-46 are not true. These are words of the adversary of the most High, not of Christ, these are the words of the slanderer, he who loves and practices slander, he who slanders voluntaryly (the accuser: Satan, the old serpent, the Devil, any of his messengers, any messenger of the Dragon)

Revelation 12:10 «And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.» Revelation 12:10 The acusser of our brothers (the roman persecutor) has falsely accused our brother Jesus and his brothers of saying lies, the lies of the romans, the lies of the greek and their greek wisdom: the love for the enemy as a sacred teaching, teaching which leads to impunity for severes crimes, which means unjustice!! Unjutice which I destroy trough the true word of God, trough the true gospel!

Revelation 20: 4 And I saw thrones, and those who received power to judge sat on them; and I saw the souls of those beheaded because of the testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, those who had not worshiped the beast or its image, (they had not worshiped the idolaters or their statues …) visit my channel for much more information. https://ai20.me/2020/10/17/the-cubic-idol-one-idolator-man-beheads-a-teacher-in-france-october-2020/

Have you ever found in the four gospels in the Bible, a message atribuited to Jesus in which he describes what idolatry is and in which he condems it, in a direct way, as clear as Jeremiah wrote in his letter to his people before they were taken to Babylon?.
No, neither me.
But you think that is so because Jesus never said anything about idolatry?.
No, that is not the case!.
Some traces have survived in the Bible about what he really said, from those traces, if you are wise, you can complete or recreate the missing parts of the puzzle and put them back toguether.


Why was Jesus confused by many people with Jeremiah, or Eliah?
«Matthew 16:13 Now when Jesus came into the district of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?” 14 And they said, “Some say Jeremiah, and still others Elijah or one of the prophets.”»
Can you imagine the content of the speech of Jesus?, Can you imagine the kind of words that Jesus said before he was murdered because of his speech?,
I can, his speech had perfect harmony with the speech of Jeremiah and Elijah, who described, ridiculized and condemned idolatry, and guess what, Jesus’s speech was unpleasant to the Roman empire’s leaders (The «new Babylon», which John in his revelation refered to), Jesus’ speech was unpleasant for some sector of the roman empire people, and also for some traitors jews.
Lines below you can find a sample of Jeremiah’s speech, so that you may conclude how Jesus’ speech really was, or what part of his golpel was hid.

The Letter of Jeremiah

1:1  A copy of a letter that Jeremiah sent to those who were to be taken to Babylon as exiles by the king of the Babylonians, to give them the message that God had commanded him.


Because of the sins that you have committed before God, you will be taken to Babylon as exiles by Nebuchadnezzar, king of the Babylonians. 3 Therefore when you have come to Babylon you will remain there for many years, for a long time, up to seven generations; after that I will bring you away from there in peace. 4 Now in Babylon you will see gods made of silver and gold and wood, which people carry on their shoulders, and which cause the heathen to fear. 5 So beware of becoming at all like the pagans or of letting fear for these gods possess you 6 when you see the multitude before and behind them worshiping them. But say in your heart, “It is you, O Jehovah, whom we must worship.” 7 For my messenger is with you, and he is watching over your lives.

8 Their tongues are smoothed by the carpenter, and they themselves are overlaid with gold and silver; but they are false and cannot speak. 9 People take gold and make crowns for the heads of their gods, as they might for a girl who loves ornaments. 10 Sometimes the priests secretly take gold and silver from their gods and spend it on themselves, 11 or even give some of it to the prostitutes on the terrace. They deck their gods out with garments like human beings—these gods of silver and gold and wood 12 that cannot save themselves from rust and corrosion. When they have been dressed in purple robes, 13 their faces are wiped because of the dust from the temple, which is thick upon them. 14 One of them holds a scepter, like a district judge, but is unable to destroy anyone who offends it.

15 Another has a dagger in its right hand, and an ax, but cannot defend itself from war and robbers.

(but as you see sometimes «he switches» hands)


The sword of Satan is his rebelion against the law of Jehovah
in his false holy Books such as the  Bible or the Quran,
in which throug his messengers, he says some undeniable
 truths just to  dissimulate his false assertions.
As prophetized in Daniel 8:25, 2 Thessalonians 2:7-9 and in Revelation 13:6 – In the false holy books there is inclusion of men doctrines:
666’s words of apostacy.

Satan, the lawyer of the wicked people versus Michael, the lawyer of the righteous people.

The Letter of Jeremiah 1:16 From this it is evident that they are not gods; so do not fear them.

17 For just as someone’s dish is useless when it is broken, 18 so are their gods when they have been set up in the temples. Their eyes are full of the dust raised by the feet of those who enter. And just as the gates are shut on every side against anyone who has offended a king, as though under sentence of death, so the priests make their temples secure with doors and locks and bars, in order that they may not be plundered by robbers. 19 They light more lamps for them than they light for themselves, though their gods can see none of them. 20 They are just like a beam of the temple, but their hearts, it is said, are eaten away when crawling creatures from the earth devour them and their robes. They do not notice 21 when their faces have been blackened by the smoke of the temple. 22 Bats, swallows, and birds alight on their bodies and heads; and so do cats. 23 From this you will know that they are not gods; so do not fear them.

24 As for the gold that they wear for beauty—it will not shine unless someone wipes off the tarnish; for even when they were being cast, they did not feel it. 25 They are bought without regard to cost, but there is no breath in them. 26 Having no feet, they are carried on the shoulders of others, revealing to humankind their worthlessness. And those who serve them are put to shame 27 because, if any of these gods falls to the ground, they themselves must pick it up. If anyone sets it upright, it cannot move itself; and if it is tipped over, it cannot straighten itself. Gifts are placed before them just as before the dead. 28 The priests sell the sacrifices that are offered to these gods and use the money themselves. Likewise their wives preserve some of the meat with salt, but give none to the poor or helpless. 29 Sacrifices to them may even be touched by women in their periods or at childbirth. Since you know by these things that they are not gods, do not fear them.

30 For how can they be called gods? Women serve meals for gods of silver and gold and wood; 31 and in their temples the priests sit with their clothes torn, their heads and beards shaved, and their heads uncovered. 32 They howl and shout before their gods as some do at a funeral banquet. 33 The priests take some of the clothing of their gods to clothe their wives and children. 34 Whether one does evil to them or good, they will not be able to repay it. They cannot set up a king or depose one. 35 Likewise they are not able to give either wealth or money; if one makes a vow to them and does not keep it, they will not require it. 36 They cannot save anyone from death or rescue the weak from the strong. 37 They cannot restore sight to the blind; they cannot rescue one who is in distress. 38 They cannot take pity on a widow or do good to an orphan. 39 These things that are made of wood and overlaid with gold and silver are like stones from the mountain, and those who serve them will be put to shame. 40 Why then must anyone think that they are gods, or call them gods?

Besides, even the Chaldeans themselves dishonor them; for when they see someone who cannot speak, they bring Bel and pray that the mute may speak, as though Bel were able to understand! 41 Yet they themselves cannot perceive this and abandon them, for they have no sense. 42 And the women, with cords around them, sit along the passageways, burning bran for incense. 43 When one of them is led off by one of the passers-by and is taken to bed by him, she derides the woman next to her, because she was not as attractive as herself and her cord was not broken. 44 Whatever is done for these idols is false. Why then must anyone think that they are gods, or call them gods?

45 They are made by carpenters and goldsmiths; they can be nothing but what the artisans wish them to be. 46 Those who make them will certainly not live very long themselves; 47 how then can the things that are made by them be gods? They have left only lies and reproach for those who come after. 48 For when war or calamity comes upon them, the priests consult together as to where they can hide themselves and their gods. 49 How then can one fail to see that these are not gods, for they cannot save themselves from war or calamity? 50 Since they are made of wood and overlaid with gold and silver, it will afterward be known that they are false. 51 It will be manifest to all the nations and kings that they are not gods but the work of human hands, and that there is no work of God in them. 52 Who then can fail to know that they are not gods?

53 For they cannot set up a king over a country or give rain to people. 54 They cannot judge their own cause or deliver one who is wronged, for they have no power; 55 they are like crows between heaven and earth. When fire breaks out in a temple of wooden gods overlaid with gold or silver, their priests will flee and escape, but the gods will be burned up like timbers. 56 Besides, they can offer no resistance to king or enemy. Why then must anyone admit or think that they are gods?

57 Gods made of wood and overlaid with silver and gold are unable to save themselves from thieves or robbers. 58 Anyone who can will strip them of their gold and silver and of the robes they wear, and go off with this booty, and they will not be able to help themselves. 59 So it is better to be a king who shows his courage, or a household utensil that serves its owner’s need, than to be these false gods; better even the door of a house that protects its contents, than these false gods; better also a wooden pillar in a palace, than these false gods.

60 For sun and moon and stars are bright, and when sent to do a service, they are obedient. 61 So also the lightning, when it flashes, is widely seen; and the wind likewise blows in every land. 62 When God commands the clouds to go over the whole world, they carry out his command. 63 And the fire sent from above to consume mountains and woods does what it is ordered. But these idols are not to be compared with them in appearance or power. 64 Therefore one must not think that they are gods, nor call them gods, for they are not able either to decide a case or to do good to anyone. 65 Since you know then that they are not gods, do not fear them.

66 They can neither curse nor bless kings; 67 they cannot show signs in the heavens for the nations, or shine like the sun or give light like the moon. 68 The wild animals are better than they are, for they can flee to shelter and help themselves. 69 So we have no evidence whatever that they are gods; therefore do not fear them.


70 Like a scarecrow in a cucumber bed, which guards nothing, so are their gods of wood, overlaid with gold and silver. 71 In the same way, their gods of wood, overlaid with gold and silver, are like a thornbush in a garden on which every bird perches; or like a corpse thrown out in the darkness. 72 From the purple and linen that rot upon them you will know that they are not gods; and they will finally be consumed themselves, and be a reproach in the land. 73 Better, therefore, is someone upright who has no idols; such a person will be far above reproach.


What is idolatry? – The stumbling blocks that cause to fall in idolatry.
Alternative titles: What is idolatry? / What does it mean to be an idolater? / What does idolatry mean? / The sin of idolatry. / The stumbling blocks that cause to practice idolatry.
[Wikipedia gives a cowardly and biased definition of what idolatry, don’t be confused:

“Idolatry is a religious concept to describe the set of practices and beliefs that are not subject to Abrahamic religions, its followers define it as an idol cult. In all Abrahamic religions idolatry is prohibited, but due to its religious branches, the interpretation of what constitutes idolatry varies among them. ”Source: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idolatr%C3%ADa ]

There is no such thing as «Abrahamic religions», the true religion is one, and there is no room for contradictory versions that can all be called: «the religion of Abraham», the truth is one and does not enter into contradictions, lies are compatible with each other, being a fan of a football club is much like being a fan of another football club, changing shirts, anthems, colors and players, but the essence is the same, you are an essential part of the football business, Without your admiration for the players, there would be no business, football clubs are partners with each other, they are not true enemies, something similar happens with false religions: they are business, but look at me, I do not look for donations, nor praise for me, I look for the triumph of justice.
I will tell you with forceful intelligence what idolatry is:

Idolatry is doing the opposite of what this main commandment mandates:

To practice idolatry is to do the opposite of this commandment:

God’s number one commandment.

Exodus 20: 2 I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of servants. 3 You will not have other gods before me. 4 You shall not make yourself an image, nor any resemblance of a thing that is above in heaven, nor below on earth, nor in the waters beneath the earth: 5 You shall not bow down to them, nor honor them; because I am Jehovah your God, strong, jealous, that I visit the wickedness of the parents on the children, on the third parties and on the rooms, those who hate me.

(Leviticus 26: 1 You shall not make idols for you, nor sculpture, nor stand a statue, nor put painted stone on your land to bow down to it: for I am the Lord your God.)
The Islam:

Leaning, kneeling, prostrating, or lying on the ground in front of a cube to honor him, praying to God through that cube, giving ritual worship is idolatry.

A true prophet of God will never order to do such idolatry, not once in a lifetime!

Gabriel, a true archangel of God, could never have ordered any human being, in the name of God, to do such idolatry.
Thus :

The pilgrimage to Mecca is not a mandate from God, Muhammad was a false prophet, Islam is a false religion.

The Catholicism:

Burn incense, carry on your steps, prostrate, look down, humble yourself, or kneel before a cross and beg for favors, or pretend to beg favors for God through that cross, is idolatry.

Kneeling before an image and begging for favors, or pretending to beg favors for God through that cross, is idolatry.
Ezekiel 6: 6-9 Your idols will be broken and annihilated, your images of the sun will be destroyed and your works will be undone …

Thus :

Catholicism is a false religion.
The false Christianity:

False Christianity preaches worship and adoration of the Christ creature, instead of preaching the understanding of its message and purposes !!
Having other gods means begging favors to other gods, asking with divine pleas for other gods or other living creatures, such as when a dog begs his master to throw a bone by moving his tail.
Deuteronomy 4:15 Keep therefore much your souls; for no figure saw the day that Jehovah spoke with you from the midst of the fire; 16 so that you do not corrupt yourself and make for yourself sculpture, image of any figure, effigy of male or female, 17 figure of any animal that is on earth, figure of some winged bird that flies through the air, 18 figure of no animal that crawls on the earth, figure of any fish that is in the water under the earth.
Jesus came to fulfill law, like the one you mention, and the prophets: Ezekiel 6: 6-9 Your idols will be broken and annihilated, your images of the sun will be destroyed and your works will be undone … And precisely because of this (Matthew 5: 17-18), he never loved his enemies, nor taught to eat everything, including forbidden food (Deuteronomy 14), the Bible has a gospel forged by the Roman Empire, no let yourself be fooled, do not fall into the error of preaching the Bible, just because part of its content is true, that was a mistake I made when I was young (I have confessed the involuntary sin I committed in my youth.

Proverbs 28:13 He who conceals his sins will not prosper;

But he who confesses them and departs will attain mercy.

Additional Information:
Again in front of what they call: Father Luis Toro.


War of words! https://bestiadn.com/2020/01/27/dia-4-combates-en-el-ciberespacio-27-01-2020-apocalipsis-127-12-la-guerra-en-el-cielo-wwwhttps/

(In the video above: This false prophet states that Jesus is the representation of the Sun God and that they worship him, which confirms that the Catholic church is an idolatrous church that imposed its doctrine on other idolatrous religions …)

The Axis of Evil : The Black List.

Exodus 20:13 You shall not murder.

Luis Toro, you are a pagan hypocrite: Ezekiel 6: 6-9 Your idols will be broken and annihilated, your images of the sun will be destroyed and your works will be undone …, you are hypocritical, the light is Jehovah, and Jesus came from the Father (Jehovah) to fulfill the law and the prophecies (Matthew 5: 17-18), which will be fulfilled when he lives in those who believe in his message, through them in whom Christ lives, and will live this prophecy will be fulfilled:
Isaiah 42:16 And I will lead the blind in a way that they did not know, I will make them walk in paths they had not known; In front of them I will change darkness into light, and the rugged in plain. These things will I do, and not forsake them. (Luke 1:79 to give light to those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death; to direct our feet on the path of peace.) And if we go to the context, idolatry is described and condemned, idolatry that you, as stumbling block that you are, you preach:
Isaiah 42: 1 Behold my servant, I will sustain him; my chosen one, in whom my soul is content; I have put my Spirit upon him; He will bring justice to the nations. 2 He will not shout, nor raise his voice, nor make it heard in the streets. 3 It will not break the waterfall cane, nor will it extinguish the smoke that will smoke; through truth will bring justice. 4 He will not tire or faint, until he establishes justice on earth; and the coasts will wait for his law. 5 Thus saith the Lord God, Creator of heaven, and he who deploys them; he who extends the land and its products; He who gives encouragement to the people who dwell on it, and spirit to those who walk through it: 6 I am the Lord who called you in righteousness, and I will hold you by the hand; I will keep you and put you by covenant to the people, by the light of the nations, 7 that you may open the eyes of the blind, that you may take prisoners out of jail, and from prison houses to those who dwell in darkness. 8 I am Jehovah; This is my name; and to another I will not give my glory, nor my praise to sculptures.
Matthew 5:17 »Do not think that I have come to annul the law or the prophets; I have not come to cancel them, but to fulfill them. 18 I assure you until heaven and earth pass, neither a letter nor a tilde of the law will disappear until everything has been fulfilled.

The law says:
Deuteronomy 4:15 Keep therefore much your souls; for no figure saw the day that Jehovah spoke with you from the midst of the fire; Deuteronomy 4:16 so that you do not corrupt and make for yourself sculpture, image of any figure, effigy of male or female, Deuteronomy 4:17 figure of any animal that is on earth, figure of some winged bird that flies through the air , Deuteronomy 4:18 figure of any animal that crawls on the earth, figure of any fish that is in the water under the earth. Deuteronomy 4:19 It is not that you raise your eyes to the sky, and seeing the sun and the moon and the stars, and all the army of the sky, be driven, and bow down to them and serve them; because Jehovah your God has granted them to all peoples under all heavens.
The prophets say:

The prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel have said it:

Ezekiel 6: 6-9 Your idols will be broken and annihilated, your images of the sun will be destroyed and your works will be undone ..


More arguments:
I highlight that the Catholic church teaches to worship creatures and not the Creator. In this video I destroy the Catholic priest’s argument «Father Luis Toro.» The Creator is Omnipresent and only He must be worshiped: Psalm 139: 7 Where will I go from your Spirit? And where will I run from your presence? 8 If he goes up to heaven, there you are; And if in Seol I made my stand, behold, there you are. 9 If I take the wings of the dawn and dwell at the end of the sea, 10 Even there your hand will guide me, and your right hand will grab me. 11 If I said: Surely the darkness will cover me up; Even the night will shine around me. 12 Even the darkness does not hide from you, And the night shines like the day; Darkness is the same as light. Christ is a creature, whom God created in the womb of a woman! (False prophets, like Luis Toro, teach to worship the creature and not the Creator!) Psalm 139: 13 For you formed my entrails; You made me in my mother’s belly. 14 I will praise you; because formidable, wonderful are your works; I am amazed, and my soul knows it very well. 15 My body was not concealed from you, Well that I was formed in occult, and interwoven in the deepest part of the earth. 16 My embryo saw your eyes, And in your book were written all those things that were then formed, Without missing one of them. 17 !! How precious are your thoughts to me, God! !!How big is their properties! 18 If I list them, they multiply more than sand; I wake up, and I am still with you. 19 Verily, O God, you will cause the wicked to die; Stay away, from me, bloodthirsty men! 20 For blasphemies they say against you; Your enemies take your name in vain. 22 I hate them completely; I have them for enemies. Interpretation: «Who lied to you and said that I love my enemies and that I also told my disciples to love their enemies, but want to be my enemies? Isn’t that stupid? Am I stupid as Cleóbuli? of Lindos, the Greek?

Roma falsificó el evangelio e incorporó “la sabiduría” griega “del amor al enemigo”, para Satanizar el ajusticiamiento: La palabra de Dios prevalecerá aunque Satanás y su Sumo Sacerdote se opongan.

Psalm 139: 21 Do I not hate, O Jehovah, those who hate you, and do I take pride against your enemies? 23 Examine me, O God, and know my heart; Try me and know my thoughts; 24 And see if there is in me the way of perversity, And lead me in the eternal way. (Jehovah be my shepherd, guide me). («Jehovah is my Shepherd», that is the teaching of Christ, but the false prophet says and wants us to repeat with him: «Jesus is my Shepherd», «Jesus is my Savior»). «Jehovah is my Savior,» that is the true teaching of Jesus! Psalm 118: 20 This is the gate of Jehovah; Through it the righteous will enter. 21 I will praise you Jehovah because you have heard me, And you were my Savior, 22 The stone that the builders rejected (the idolaters) has become the head of the angle. 23 This is from Jehovah, and it is a wonderful thing in our eyes. Matthew 7:22 Many will tell me in that day: Lord, Lord, do we not prophesy in your name, and in your name we cast out demons, and in your name we performed many miracles? 23 And then I will declare to them: I never knew you; depart from me, doers of evil. Luke 17:14 But when the husbandmen saw him, they argued among themselves, saying, This is the heir; Come, let’s kill him, so that the inheritance is ours. 15 And they threw him out of the vineyard and killed him. What then will the lord of the vineyard do to you? 16 He will come and destroy these husbandmen, and give his vineyard to others. When they heard this, they said: God free us! 17 But Jesus, looking at them, said: What, then, is what is written: The stone that the builders cast aside has become the head of the angle?


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2nd Maccabees Mark 1:96 Mark 2:96 Mark 3:96 Mark 4:96 Mark 5:96
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culto al sol
Satanás y la lápida
Pongo en evidencia que la iglesia católica enseña a adorar a las criaturas y no al Creador. En este video destruyo la argumentación de sacerdote católico “el padre Luis Toro.”. El Creador es Omnipresente y solo a Él hay que adorar: Salmos 139:7 ¿A dónde me iré de tu Espíritu? ¿Y a dónde huiré de tu presencia? 8 Si subiere a los cielos, allí estás tú; Y si en el Seol hiciere mi estrado, he aquí, allí tú estás. 9 Si tomare las alas del alba y habitare en el extremo del mar, 10 Aun allí me guiará tu mano, Y me asirá tu diestra. 11 Si dijere: Ciertamente las tinieblas me encubrirán; Aun la noche resplandecerá alrededor de mí. 12 Aun las tinieblas no encubren de ti, Y la noche resplandece como el día; Lo mismo te son las tinieblas que la luz. Cristo es una criatura, al cual Dios creó en el viente de una mujer! (Los falsos profetas, como Luis Toro, enseñan a adorar a la criatura y no al Creador!) Salmos 139:13 Porque tú formaste mis entrañas; Tú me hiciste en el vientre de mi madre. 14 Te alabaré; porque formidables, maravillosas son tus obras; Estoy maravillado, Y mi alma lo sabe muy bien. 15 No fue encubierto de ti mi cuerpo, Bien que en oculto fui formado, Y entretejido en lo más profundo de la tierra. 16 Mi embrión vieron tus ojos, Y en tu libro estaban escritas todas aquellas cosas Que fueron luego formadas, Sin faltar una de ellas. 17 !!Cuán preciosos me son, oh Dios, tus pensamientos! !!Cuán grande es la suma de ellos! 18 Si los enumero, se multiplican más que la arena; Despierto, y aún estoy contigo. 19 De cierto, oh Dios, harás morir al impío; Apartaos, pues, de mí, hombres sanguinarios. 20 Porque blasfemias dicen ellos contra ti; Tus enemigos toman en vano tu nombre. 22 Los aborrezco por completo; Los tengo por enemigos. Interpretación: “¿Quien les mintió y dijo que yo amo a mis enemigos y que además le dije a mis discípulos que amen a sus enemigos, sino quieren ser mis enemigos?, ¿no es eso una estupidez?, ¿acaso soy estúpido como Cleóbulos de Lindos, el griego?” https://bestiadn.com/2019/04/29/la-sabiduria-griega-en-la-biblia-millones-de-personas-ya-han-sido-llamadas-pero-pocos-son-los-escogidos/
Salmos 139:21 ¿No odio, oh Jehová, a los que te aborrecen, Y me enardezco contra tus enemigos? 23 Examíname, oh Dios, y conoce mi corazón; Pruébame y conoce mis pensamientos; 24 Y ve si hay en mí camino de perversidad, Y guíame en el camino eterno. (Jehová se mi pastor, guíame). (“Jehová es mi Pastor”, esa es la enseñanza de Cristo, pero el falso profeta dice y quiere que repitamos con el : “Jesús es mi Pastor”, “Jesús es mi Salvador”). “Jehová es mi Salvador”, esa es la verdadera enseñanza de Jesús!. Salmos 118:20 Esta es puerta de Jehová; Por ella entrarán los justos. 21 Te alabaré Jehová porque tu me has oído, Y me fuiste mi Salvador, 22 La piedra que desecharon los edificadores (los idólatras) Ha venido a ser cabeza del ángulo. 23 De parte de Jehová es esto, Y es cosa maravillosa a nuestros ojos. Mateo 7:22 Muchos me dirán en aquel día: Señor, Señor, ¿no profetizamos en tu nombre, y en tu nombre echamos fuera demonios, y en tu nombre hicimos muchos milagros? 23 Y entonces les declararé: Nunca os conocí; apartaos de mí, hacedores de maldad. Lucas 17:14 Mas los labradores, al verle, discutían entre sí, diciendo: Este es el heredero; venid, matémosle, para que la heredad sea nuestra. 15 Y le echaron fuera de la viña, y le mataron. ¿Qué, pues, les hará el señor de la viña? 16 Vendrá y destruirá a estos labradores, y dará su viña a otros. Cuando ellos oyeron esto, dijeron: !!Dios nos libre! 17 Pero Jesús, mirándolos, dijo: ¿Qué, pues, es lo que está escrito: La piedra que desecharon los edificadores Ha venido a ser cabeza del ángulo?

la venganza de Jesus

encuentro de civilizaciones incompatibles


las entrañas de la maldad

muerte al idolo
idolatras y su religion
porque yo me quebranté a causa de su corazón fornicario que se apartó de mí, y a causa de sus ojos que fornicaron tras sus ídolos.
Satanas de disfraza de angel de Luz
Amo a Dios y Odio a sus enemigos
El difícil camino a la vida y el fácil camino a la muerte
por tus hechicerias fueron engañadas todas las naciones
el infierno
arrogancia del diablo
Mi amigo Juan tuvo que usar una mentira piadosa en Apocalipsis 19:10, para dejar en ese mensaje, esa sana doctrina en el Apocalipsis (pues el nunca se iba a arrodillar ante otro santo mensajero como lo fue él, el conocía la verdad y la obedecía, pues el tampoco adoraba a la bestia (el hombre mono) ni a sus ídolos, ni pensaba ni actuaba como ellos, entre el “hombre bestia”, prima la lucha por ser el macho dominante o el venerar a los machos dominantes, “las bestias” son como los monos .. !
bestias brutas avaricia
la señal del hijo del hombre
(no hay paz para los injustos)
cuanto amo tu ley
El único Salvador es Jehová!.
Oseas 13:4 Mas yo soy Jehová tu Dios desde la tierra de Egipto; no conocerás, pues, otro dios fuera de mí, ni otro salvador sino a mí.
Isaías 2:8 Además su tierra está llena de ídolos, y se han arrodillado ante la obra de sus manos y ante lo que fabricaron sus dedos. 9 Y se ha inclinado el hombre, y el varón se ha humillado;
No hagas un monumento en mi honor, no me idolatres no me compares con tus semejantes!
la evolución de la raza de ladrones
777 destruye a 666
las entrañas de la maldad

La abominable sopa de murciélago y el Coronavirus.

Como estaba profetizado : Isaías 65:4 “comen carne de cerdo, y en sus ollas hay caldo de cosas inmundas.”
Deuteronomio 14:12 Y estas son de las que no podréis comer: el águila, el quebrantahuesos, el azor,
Deuteronomio 14:18 la cigüeña, la garza según su especie, la abubilla y el murciélago.
Proverbios 26:4 Como el gorrión en su vagar y la golondrina en su vuelo así la maldición no viene sin causa.
La maldición es el Coronavirus y la causa: el consumo de alimentos impuros.
Deuteronomio 14:3 Nada abominable comerás.
4 Estos son los animales que podréis comer: el buey, la oveja, la cabra,
5 el ciervo, la gacela, el corzo, la cabra montés, el íbice, el antílope y el carnero montés.
6 Y todo animal de pezuñas, que tiene hendidura de dos uñas, y que rumiare entre los animales, ese podréis comer.
7 Pero estos no comeréis, entre los que rumian o entre los que tienen pezuña hendida: camello, liebre y conejo; porque rumian, mas no tienen pezuña hendida, serán inmundos;
8 ni cerdo, porque tiene pezuña hendida, mas no rumia; os será inmundo. De la carne de éstos no comeréis, ni tocaréis sus cuerpos muertos.
9 De todo lo que está en el agua, de estos podréis comer: todo lo que tiene aleta y escama.
10 Mas todo lo que no tiene aleta y escama, no comeréis; inmundo será.
11 Toda ave limpia podréis comer.
12 Y estas son de las que no podréis comer: el águila, el quebrantahuesos, el azor,
13 el gallinazo, el milano según su especie,
14 todo cuervo según su especie,
15 el avestruz, la lechuza, la gaviota y el gavilán según sus especies,
16 el búho, el ibis, el calamón,
17 el pelícano, el buitre, el somormujo,
18 la cigüeña, la garza según su especie, la abubilla y el murciélago.
Deuteronomio 14:19 Todo insecto alado será inmundo; no se comerá.
20 Toda ave limpia podréis comer.
21 Ninguna cosa mortecina comeréis; al extranjero que está en tus poblaciones la darás, y él podrá comerla; o véndela a un extranjero, porque tú eres pueblo santo a Jehová tu Dios. No cocerás el cabrito en la leche de su madre.
Apocalipsis 11:8 Y sus cadáveres estarán en la plaza de la grande ciudad que en sentido espiritual se llama Sodoma y Egipto, donde también nuestro Señor fue crucificado.
Daniel 12:7 Oí al varón vestido de lino, que estaba sobre las aguas del río, el cual alzó su mano derecha y su mano izquierda al cielo y juró por el que vive por los siglos, que será por tiempo, tiempos y la mitad de un tiempo. Y cuando se acabe la dispersión del poder del pueblo santo, todas estas cosas se cumplirán.
Apocalipsis 12:9 Y los de los pueblos, tribus, lenguas y naciones verán sus cadáveres por tres días y medio, y no permitirán que sean sepultados.
Apocalipsis 12:10 Y los moradores de la tierra se regocijarán sobre ellos y se alegrarán, y se enviarán regalos unos a otros; porque estos dos profetas habían atormentado a los moradores de la tierra.
Apocalipsis 12:11 Pero después de tres días y medio entró en ellos el espíritu de vida enviado por Dios, y se levantaron sobre sus pies, y cayó gran temor sobre los que los vieron.
Apocalipsis 12:12 Y oyeron una gran voz del cielo, que les decía: Subid acá. Y subieron al cielo en una nube; y sus enemigos los vieron.
Levítico 18:1  Habló Jehová a Moisés, diciendo:
2 Habla a los hijos de Israel, y diles: Yo soy Jehová vuestro Dios.
3 No haréis como hacen en la tierra de Egipto, en la cual morasteis;
ni haréis como hacen en la tierra de Canaán, a la cual yo os conduzco, ni andaréis en sus estatutos.
Levítico 18:4 Mis ordenanzas pondréis por obra, y mis estatutos guardaréis, andando en ellos. Yo Jehová vuestro Dios.
5 Por tanto, guardaréis mis estatutos y mis ordenanzas, los cuales haciendo el hombre, vivirá en ellos. Yo Jehová.
6 Ningún varón se llegue a parienta próxima alguna, para descubrir su desnudez. Yo Jehová.
7 La desnudez de tu padre, o la desnudez de tu madre, no descubrirás; tu madre es, no descubrirás su desnudez.
8 La desnudez de la mujer de tu padre no descubrirás; es la desnudez de tu padre.
9 La desnudez de tu hermana, hija de tu padre o hija de tu madre, nacida en casa o nacida fuera, su desnudez no descubrirás.
10 La desnudez de la hija de tu hijo, o de la hija de tu hija, su desnudez no descubrirás, porque es la desnudez tuya.
11 La desnudez de la hija de la mujer de tu padre, engendrada de tu padre, tu hermana es; su desnudez no descubrirás.
12 La desnudez de la hermana de tu padre no descubrirás; es parienta de tu padre.
13 La desnudez de la hermana de tu madre no descubrirás, porque parienta de tu madre es.
14 La desnudez del hermano de tu padre no descubrirás; no llegarás a su mujer; es mujer del hermano de tu padre.
15 La desnudez de tu nuera no descubrirás; mujer es de tu hijo, no descubrirás su desnudez.
16 La desnudez de la mujer de tu hermano no descubrirás; es la desnudez de tu hermano.
17 La desnudez de la mujer y de su hija no descubrirás; no tomarás la hija de su hijo, ni la hija de su hija, para descubrir su desnudez; son parientas, es maldad.
18 No tomarás mujer juntamente con su hermana, para hacerla su rival, descubriendo su desnudez delante de ella en su vida.
19 Y no llegarás a la mujer para descubrir su desnudez mientras esté en su impureza menstrual.
20 Además, no tendrás acto carnal con la mujer de tu prójimo, contaminándote con ella.
21 Y no des hijo tuyo para ofrecerlo por fuego a Moloc; no contamines así el nombre de tu Dios. Yo Jehová.
22 No te echarás con varón como con mujer; es abominación.
23 Ni con ningún animal tendrás ayuntamiento amancillándote con él, ni mujer alguna se pondrá delante de animal para ayuntarse con él; es perversión.
24 En ninguna de estas cosas os amancillaréis; pues en todas estas cosas se han corrompido las naciones que yo echo de delante de vosotros,
25 y la tierra fue contaminada; y yo visité su maldad sobre ella, y la tierra vomitó sus moradores.
He llegado a la conclusión de que Cristo dijo algo como esto:
“Prediquen todos, prediquen lo que conocen, usen parábolas, narren historias, nuestros enemigos calumniarán contra ustedes, los matarán y adulterarán muchas mis palabras y las que ustedes aprendieron de mi y predicaron, pero algo quedará de nuestras palabras en sus registros que pasará de generación en generación, y los entendidos, ustedes, las sabrán distinguir en el fin de los tiempos, cuando vuelvan a vivir y no sea necesario que yo les explique de estas cosas cara a cara, la popularidad no te deja tener algo de privacidad, algo bueno se saca de todo esto.”
El gráfico arriba proporciona una idea de lo que ha sucedido con el evangelio, abajo pongo un ejemplo, que el buen entendedor sabrá captar:
Evangelio de Tomás 14. Cuando vayáis a un país cualquiera y caminéis por las regiones, si se os recibe, comed lo que os presenten, Pues lo que entra en vuestra boca no os manchará (no se habla de excepciones, declarando así todos los alimentos limpios), mas lo que sale de vuestra boca, eso sí que os manchará».
Mateo 15:7 Hipócritas, bien profetizó de vosotros Isaías, cuando dijo: 8 Este pueblo de labios me honra; Mas su corazón está lejos de mí.
9 Pues en vano me honran, Enseñando como doctrinas, mandamientos de hombres. 10 Y llamando a sí a la multitud, les dijo: Oíd, y entended:
11 No es lo que entra en la boca lo que contamina al hombre (declarando así todos los alimentos limpios); sino lo que sale de la boca, eso contamina al hombre.
Deuteronomio 14:3 Nada abominable comerás.
Y hablando de que lo que contamina al que habla son las palabras que dice, precisamente de los falsos profetas salen las palabras de Satanás, porque ellos desean hacer y decir los deseos de su padre el Diablo (El dragón, la serpiente antigua, Satanás (Juan 8:44 Ustedes desean hacer los deseos de su padre, El Diablo), y eso es : rebelión contra Jehová:
” Apocalipsis 16:13 Y vi salir de la boca del dragón, y de la boca de la bestia, y de la boca del falso profeta, tres espíritus inmundos a manera de ranas; 14 pues son espíritus de demonios, que hacen señales, y van a los reyes de la tierra en todo el mundo, para reunirlos a la batalla de aquel gran día del Dios Todopoderoso.”
(Los legionarios del Anticristo vs. Los soldados de Cristo)
Como bien profetizó el profeta judío Isaías, son unos hipócritas estos rebeldes contra Dios, de boca se hacen llamar siervos de Dios, pero han atribuido sus propias doctrinas Satánicas a los santos ángeles y digo “son”, porque estos falsos profetas han reencarnado para juicio, por eso lloran y crujen los dientes al leer esta publicación, pues ya han sido desenmascarados y algunos de ustedes que leen el mensaje lo han visto, porque se alegran mientras ellos lloran (Apocalipsis 12:12).
Isaías 29:13 Dice, pues, el Señor: Porque este pueblo se acerca a mí con su boca, y con sus labios me honra, pero su corazón está lejos de mí, y su temor de mí no es más que un mandamiento de hombres que les ha sido enseñado; 14 por tanto, he aquí que nuevamente excitaré yo la admiración de este pueblo con un prodigio grande y espantoso; porque perecerá la sabiduría de sus sabios, y se desvanecerá la inteligencia de sus entendidos. 15 !!Ay de los que se esconden de Jehová, encubriendo el consejo, y sus obras están en tinieblas, y dicen: ¿Quién nos ve, y quién nos conoce?!
16 Vuestra perversidad ciertamente será reputada como el barro del alfarero. ¿Acaso la obra dirá de su hacedor: No me hizo? ¿Dirá la vasija de aquel que la ha formado: No entendió?
(6) Distorsionar el significado del verdadero antiguo pacto (descrita en la ley de Moisés – Levítico 7, Éxodo 25), como del verdadero nuevo pacto (Hábacuc 2, Salmos 40, Salmos 22, Salmos 110, Salmos 118 y Salmos 112), haciendo de un solo libro: el libro de la verdad, dos libros: la Biblia, agrupando como “cosa antigüa” lo que realmente aún sigue vigente de la ley de Moisés, y de las profecías pendientes de ser cumplidas dichas por los santos profetas judíos, y en esa astuta pero a su vez estúpida rebelión, tuvo éxito solo por poco tiempo (Daniel 8:25), porque yo he llegado para sacarle la concha de su madre a Satanás y a sus secuaces (Porque yo no amo a mis enemigos, los aborrezco (Salmos 139), yo respeto y estimo a los que respetan a Jehová (Salmos 15)), ¿por qué yo soy el mas fuerte? No, sino porque el más fuerte, es decir, Jehová, me ayuda y me presta su fuerza! Por eso: Jehová es mi fuerza, ¿quién como Jehová mi único Salvador (Oseas 13:4, Salmos 18)?
los aracnidos y las redes - la selva de cemento
El furor de la Ira de Dios Todopoderoso Apocalipsis-
las entrañas de la maldad