What is an impure spirit? – What is an unclean spirit?.


The Doctrines of demons are the unclean spirits coming out from the mouth of the false prophets of the Dragon (Satan)

God hates the sin but loves some sinners.

Eso jamás moustruo infernal

Someone asked me: José, what do you think is an impure spirit and how you think is his attack?

I replied:
I think it is a kind of creature, the adjective is impure, now, let’s describe what impure is under the perspective of the God of the jews:
check on the law of Moses and find what is detestable for God.
How may be the unclean spirit’s attack?,
Let’s describe what an attack is, an attack is something which produces unpleasent feelings on the one who is attacked.
The attack can be physical or moral.
When one person kicks or puchs another person, that is a physical attack, when one person insults another person, that is a moral attack.
Impure spirit means that it a non physical entity, then his attacks are moral.
If someone insults you by telling you: «eat shit!»,
your brain understands the message, in milisecond it imagines yourself eating shit and your defense system rejects that thought, because you hate it, (unless you do not hate it):

The Cross and the Apocalypse - What is the meaning of the cross - This is the meaning of the cross

When a persons insults another person, he can insult in means that you can physically percieve his attack: a written message of him, his voice, or his recorded voice, or a message given by someone else on his behalf.

But in the case of an impure spirit attack, you will not hear any voice, you will not see any written letter, but you will percieve the same unpleasant feeling of your brain rejecting those offends, just as the immediate effect you feel if someone tells you: «you are a fucker of your own mother» (unless you are a mother fucker and you love to do that abomination (Leviticus 18)).
Someone else there asked me: what you say makes sense,
and how can the unclean spirit be taken away from someone who is uncomfortable with it?,
I replied:
The principal way to solve that problem is to abandon any kind of idolatric practices, the unclean spirits surround the places where idolatry is practiced, the unclean persons, the false prophets’ spirits are in harmony with those unclean spirits, because they are the pigs or dogs, whom Jesus was refering as pigs to in his gospel, remember, pig is an unclean animal, if the dogs were people, the dogs are the natual sinners in regards the law in Leviticus 18.

Jehovah I love your law and I think all day on your law

Dear my friends, I am not meaning the pigs or the dogs as my dear friends, that is the interpretation for Revelation 16:13 And I saw three foul spirits like frogs coming from the mouth of the dragon, from the mouth of the beast, and from the mouth of the false prophet.

The false prophet is in singular, but it does not refer to one single person, that simile refers to any false prophet, and all the false prophet preach any type of idolatry, in few words, to preach idolatry is to preach that it is a holy duty to bow dow knees or look down with feelings of inferiority in front of any created thing for honoring that creature, even if that creature is just a piece of wood, cement or stone, even if that creature is a man who deceives them. The false prophet is the beast and the image is the idol he worships, the mark in the forehead or hand, means to be a natual follower of these false prophets, a natural sinner, a natural idolator, a potential replacement for these false prophets, it means, that regardless of evidende against the doctrines of these flase prophets, those who have the mark of the beast do not flee from them, but follow any of them, no matter if in one or other religion of these false prophets, for this reason, all the wicked kingdoms will be destroyed, a kingdom my friend, does not only include a king, but a queen, his armies and his populations, none of these survive when a kingdom is destroyed, it is not just the destruction of wicked kings, but the destruction of wicked kingdom which is prophecied in Daniel 2:44, so that no new wicked king can replace the gone wicked king, similar happens with the false prophet and his natural idolater followers.

Nevertheless, there are some few people that will flee these false religions and will find his way, just as I did.


Own experience in this phenomenon?

Yes while I was ignorant, I was catholic by then, I practiced idolatry, unfortunatly for my enemies, the false prophets, who will pay for it in the hell:


It was between end 1991-1992 it lasted 7 months, I was between 16 and 17 years old, I did not laugh during those seven months because I was upset and very busy trying to understand the phenomenon, during that period of time I  could only find peace when I was asleep, one day, the last of this bad time, it was about 3 pm when I returned from the Cibertec Institute, (I was studying computer programming at Cibertec) I said, «I’m going to rest,» so I was lying on my bed, lying on my back and looking at the ceiling and on the third floor of the building where I lived (I lived on the first floor) someone was continually hitting the wall with a hammer, and I thought, «I can’t sleep with that noise and, if I didn’t at least hear that noise, now I can’t even sleep», then suddently it stopped, all became silent, but almost immediately later, I heard a beep, a steady beep, you can find a similar sound in http://szynalski.com/tone#9784,v0.01 click «Play» there)
I was relieved, I thought, «The sound of silence, peace, now I can sleep!»
But my relief lasted only few seconds, because all of a suddent the stable beep began to increase and then decrease its volume, repeating the cycle over and over again, but each cycle was shorter than the previous cycle, while each high peak of the volume was higher than that previous and each low peak of the volume was lower than the previous one (as if the sounds could be anti-sounds) I will explain it mathematically:
0 x silence, 5 x the volume of the human voice in a normal conversation, 0.1 – the volume of the constant «beep» before the changes I’m trying to explain in this order: 1 (0.5″) to – 1 (0.5″) to 2 (0.25″) to -2 (0.25″) to 4 (0.125″) to -4 (0.125″) to 8 (0.125″) to 8 (0.25″) to -4 (0.125″) to 8 (0.25″) to -4 (0.125″) to 8 (0.25″) to 8 (0.25″) to 4 (0.125″) to -4 (0.125″) to 8 (0.125″) to 8 (0.25″) to -4 (0.125″) to 8 (0.25″) to 8 (0.25″) to 4 (0.125″) to -4 (0.125″) to 8 (0.125″) to 8 (0.25″) to -4 (0.125″) to 8 (0.25″) to 8 0.0625″) to -8 (0 , 0625″) to 16 (0.003125″) to -16 (0.003125″) to 32 (0.015625″) to -32 (0.015625″) and so on, maybe the «negative volumes» were just silence, but I felt it differently from silence, it was terrible, I felt my eardrums break, I felt my brain explode, I felt severe pain in my ears, I thought that I was going to die of a stroke, or become mentaly insane, when I opened my eyes and looked up at the ceiling, I saw it spinning, also the walls, it was like a nightmare, and then I felt like there was a hand with long fingernails  squeezing my brain despite of my skull, I felt a pain as if my brain was bleeding because of those nails slicing it, I felt an intense pain, it was like weird nightmare, but I was conscious and awake, and in the midst of that anguish, in the midst of that situation, in my thoughts I implored God for help and his mercy: «God, help me, remember me, do not let me die, I always wanted to please you, I went to Mass on Sundays, maybe I was wrong in the places where I looked for you, maybe I was deceived, but it is not my fault and you know it, help me, do not allow these shadow to destroy me», And because God is merciful he helped me, I am sure God loved the fact that I did not beg in my thoughs «Jesus, help me», as the fags do when they are in danger».


God’s help was so: I did not see it, but felt, I received a message, that there was a light scattering four shadows (it was as if I could see the light and the four shadows while my eyes were still closed), and then the noise ceased, and when I opened my eyes,  the ceiling and the walls where slowly stopping to spin, I wanted to get up, to move, but I felt that my body was too heavy for me to move it, during some minutes I struggle to speak a word, only two minutes lated as could call one of my brothers, he saw me with tears in my eyes, but it was weird for me that he didn’t ask me, brother what happened?, why are you crying?» , because I was in shock, there were tears on my eyes, but I kept the details of these events in my heart until today. The devil hates me, but God loves me. 


The prophecy:

Psalms 116:3 Compassed me have cords of death, And straits of Sheol have found me, Distress and sorrow I find. 4 And in the name of Jehovah I call: I pray Thee, O Jehovah, deliver my soul, 5 Gracious [is] Jehovah, and righteous, Yea, our God [is] merciful, 6 A preserver of the simple [is] Jehovah, I was low, and to me He giveth salvation. Daniel 9:27 And he hath strengthened a covenant with many — one week, and [in] the midst of the week he causeth sacrifice and present to cease, and by the wing of abominations he is making desolate, even till the consummation, and that which is determined is poured on the desolate one.’ (and that which is determined is poured on the desolator as well.) 

Daniel 8:13 `And I hear a certain holy one speaking, and certain holy one said to him who was speaking first : Till when is the vision of the continual sacrifice, and of the hateful transgression which have trampled down both sanctuary and army?
14 And he said to me, until 2,300 afternoons and mornings, then the holy place will be declared restored.


numeros revelados

(the holy place) and (the holy place)


Daniel 8:26 The vision of the evenings and the mornings which has been told is true; but seal up the vision, for it pertains to many days hence.” 27 And I, Daniel, was overcome and lay sick for some days; then I rose and went about the king’s business; but I was appalled by the vision and did not understand it. https://bestiadn.com/2019/10/04/are-these-the-end-times-are-we-living-in-the-end-times/


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God hates the sin but loves some sinners, not the others sinners…


El ángel Satanás en el infierno dirá: “Malditos gusanos, ¿por qué no mueren?.”
Y añadirá: “Soy misericordioso con mis amigos y conmigo mismo, no con mis enemigos, yo no predico el amor a los enemigos, ni insulto a Dios atribuyéndole esa estúpida característica, como tu si lo has hecho, pero has acusado falsamente a mi hermano Jesús de haberlo hecho, pues eres un calumniador, por eso te llamas Satanás, y  por eso tu estas donde estas y yo estoy donde estoy, el infierno es tu lugar y el cielo es el mío, tu me observarás desde allá y yo te observaré desde aquí, con cierto asco, por cierto!”.

Batallas en el ciberespacio – 22/01/2020

Recopilación de mis heróicos actos en algunas de mis batallas en el Ciberespacio: – Fecha 22/01/2020


A la izquierda: los soberbios, a la derecha: los humildes.
Trata de intuir cual fue el comentario o la pregunta, yo solo publico mi respuesta.
Luis Toro afirmó en uno de sus videos que ellos no adoran imágenes, porque según el: al ser preguntado por un colega : “¿que es adorar?” el dijo que adorar es prender velas, arrodillarse para rezar, quemar incienso, y que a Dios nadie le puede quemar incienso, ni prender velas, ni nadie se puede arrodillar ante él, y que los que dicen que “solo adoran a Dios” mienten, por esa razón, por eso presenta sus actos de idolatría como algo no comparable con adorar a Dios, que a Dios se le reserva una forma de adorar superior, y que ellos no adoran sino que veneran, pero venerar y adorar es lo mismo, y adorar a Dios significa obedecer sus mandamientos, los cuales dicen no tener otros dioses, vale decir, no rogar a una criatura que ruegue por uno, no hacer idolatría, vale decir, no inclinarse ante nada ni nadie, ante ninguna imagen o escultura o persona para ser acto de humillación en busca de favores divinos o no divinos. (Éxodo 20:1-5, Hechos 10:25). Para reforzar la cultura de la idolatría, el imperio Romano introdujo herejías en su Biblia ejm Hebreos 1, vs Salmos 97, solo a Jehová (el nombre de Dios) hay que adorar, pero Roma indica con calumnia contra los santos mártires que Jesús consentía que se arrodillen ante él (Lucas 17:15-18), de ser ese el caso ¿no haría lo mismo que Satanás pretendía de él en desierto (Mateo 4:10)? Ese engaño de la cuarta bestia, el imperio romano, profetizado en Daniel 8:25… en mi blog denuncio esto con mas argumentos.PD. Por eso los perseguidos hicieron uso de parábolas, como de de Apocalipsis 19:10 donde en realidad Juan no se iba a arrodillar ante el mensajero (el ángel) pues el conocía la ley, solo que contó esa parábola para condenar el culto a los ángeles, cosa que si hace la iglesia católica, eso sin mencionar que los mensajeros de Dios no podrían verse como damas, sino varoniles según la ley de Dios a la cual ellos, a diferencia de Satanás, no se han rebelado (Deuteronomio 22:5) , los que quemaron Sodoma no fueron los ángeles de Satanás (Levítico 18:22) sino los ángeles de Dios, por lo tanto, ni Cristo y sus santos ángeles daban un mensaje de rebelión contra Dios por medio de su aspecto físico (1 Corintios 11:1-16), etc, etc. ¿Carne de Cerdo? por algo Pedro dijo “no señor jamás he comino nada inmundo”, si Cristo realmente hubiese predicado que todos los alimentos son limpios (contra la ley (Deuteronomio 14), entonces el primero en enterarse posiblemente haya sido Pedro, y ni en sueños hubiese respondido algo así…(Hechos 11:8), ¿Jesús amaba a los fariseos y los bendecía? Mateo 21:33-44 nos dice que no, por lo tanto, salvo que el haya sido un hipócrita, que no era el caso, el no predicó realmente bendecir a los que le maldicen a uno… ¿y donde hay en los cuatro evangelios de la Biblia un mensaje claro de Jesús en contra de los ídolos como si lo hay en 1 Reyes 18 donde se habla del profeta Elías, o en Jeremías 10 donde este profeta describe lo que son los ídolos y lo nada que valen?, si Jesús fue confundido con Elías o Jeremías, se entiende que su discurso era muy parecido, ¿por qué no esta en la Biblia? ¿por que no dijo nada sobre eso? no , porque los “moderadores” no lo quisieron…
Si alguno predica la Biblia predica también las mentiras incorporadas en ella.
Ojo con el NT es una obra romana, tomó del Libro de la verdad (Ley de Moisés, profetas judíos) y le agregó algunas predicas genuinas de Cristo, pero también algunas predicas paganas, que sin embargo se la atribuyeron a Cristo y sus santos discípulos, no caiga en la trampa en la que yo caí cuando empezaba a enfrentar a los idólatras usando la Biblia “como la Palabra de Dios” (cuando yo tenía  22 años), haga su comparación: “¿ama acaso Dios a sus enemigos?” (Salmos 5 vs Mateo 5), mucha gente no puede responder con argumentos racionales y responden como salvajes insultando, eso demuestra que no todos somos hijos de Dios.
Alexis, yo he llegado a la misma conclusión lógica hace 20 años, lo que Jesús habría tratado de decir a María Magdalena es algo así: “cuida a María como si ella fuera tu madre” y a María: “María Magdalena te cuidará como a una madre”, el discípulo amado no podría ser Juan, porque tres personas estaban en la cruz, y el que escribió también, pero las tres eran mujeres,  por lo tanto, los romanos han falsificado el evangelio, no era Juan, era María Magdalena, si quieres enfrentar a los idólatras, no cometas el grave error que yo cometí hace 20 años, si predicas la Biblia entras en su terreno de juego, porque la hicieron los romanos en base a la adulteración de los mensajes de los evangelistas asesinados, porque evidentemente odiaban el mensaje genuino.¿ acaso ama Dios a sus enemigos para que Jesús haya predicado que debemos imitar a Dios y amar nosotros también a nuestros enemigos?, ¿acaso miente Salmos 5 y salmos 15?, ¿acaso mintió Jesús en Mateo 21:33-44?, pero Mateo 5 contradice, y eso es para muestra un botón, lo denuncio en mi blog a los 4 vientos.
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