Coronavirus COVID-19: You receive this message from me, José, not from the pope Francis. – share this message!

(You receive this message from me, José, not from the pope Francis. – share this message!)

The forces of the lightness versus the forces of darkness: The forces of disinformation seem to be facing each other, but they play for the same team ….

Read also by free: The Doctrines of demons are the unclean spirits coming out from the mouth of the false prophets of the Dragon (Satan). DOCX

God hates the sin but loves some sinners – extended version . DOCX

The word «Satan» or «The Devil» means «the accusser.»
Check for reference in Revelation 12:10, that Satan is mentioned as the defeated criature in the war against the angel Michael and the others messengers who are also loyal to God:

«Revelation: 12:10 Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say:
“Now have come the salvation and the power
and the kingdom of our God (our God is Jehovah, and his kingdom was prophecied in Daniel 2:44),
and the authority of his Messiah.
For the accuser of our brothers and sisters,
who accuses them before our God day and night,
has been hurled down.»

Do not let yourself be confused on this subject by the imams, pastors and priests of the people of Satan, because there are two kinds of accussers, and only one kind of them is Satan or his messengers:

The truthful accuser is not Satan,
The one who accuses with conscious slander is Satan.

The faithful witnesses, the faithful accuser is not the Satan,

The slanderer, as it names says, he acusses others of evil doing but through false testimony, and he does it with knowlegde that what he is saying is false.
The slanderer can be a man or a woman, wickedness is not an exclusivity of men or of women.
Examples of male and female Satans:
(1) – The events between Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife, (Genesis 39:7-17).
In this case, the slanderer was the woman, and the inoccent was the man.

Genesis 39:7 And after a time his master’s wife cast her eyes on Joseph and said, “Lie with me.” 8 But he refused and said to his master’s wife, “Look, with me here, my master has no concern about anything in the house, and he has put everything that he has in my hand. 9 He is not greater in this house than I am, nor has he kept back anything from me except yourself, because you are his wife. How then could I do this great wickedness, and sin against Jehovah?” 10 And although she spoke to Joseph day after day, he would not consent to lie beside her or to be with her. 11 One day, however, when he went into the house to do his work, and while no one else was in the house, 12 she caught hold of his garment, saying, “Lie with me!” But he left his garment in her hand, and fled and ran outside. 13 When she saw that he had left his garment in her hand and had fled outside, 14 she called out to the members of her household and said to them, “See, my husband has brought among us a Hebrew to insult us! He came in to me to lie with me, and I cried out with a loud voice; 15 and when he heard me raise my voice and cry out, he left his garment beside me, and fled outside.” 16 Then she kept his garment by her until his master came home, 17 and she told him the same story, saying, “The Hebrew servant, whom you have brought among us, came in to me to insult me;
(2) – Susanna :

The events between Susanne and the elders who falsely accussed her.

In this another case, the slanderers were the two ederly men, and the inoccent was the woman.

Susanna 1:1 There was a man living in Babylon whose name was Joakim. 2 He married the daughter of Hilkiah, named Susanna, a very beautiful woman and one who feared Jehovah. 3 Her parents were righteous, and had trained their daughter according to the law of Moses. 4 Joakim was very rich, and had a fine garden adjoining his house; the Jews used to come to him because he was the most honored of them all.

5 That year two elders from the people were appointed as judges. Concerning them Jehovah had said: “Wickedness came forth from Babylon, from elders who were judges, who were supposed to govern the people.” 6 These men were frequently at Joakim’s house, and all who had a case to be tried came to them there.

7 When the people left at noon, Susanna would go into her husband’s garden to walk. 8 Every day the two elders used to see her, going in and walking about, and they began to lust for her. 9 They suppressed their consciences and turned away their eyes from looking to Heaven or remembering their duty to administer justice. 10 Both were overwhelmed with passion for her, but they did not tell each other of their distress, 11 for they were ashamed to disclose their lustful desire to seduce her. 12 Day after day they watched eagerly to see her.

13 One day they said to each other, “Let us go home, for it is time for lunch.” So they both left and parted from each other. 14 But turning back, they met again; and when each pressed the other for the reason, they confessed their lust. Then together they arranged for a time when they could find her alone.

The elders attempt to seduce Susanna and Susanna rejects the elders:
15 Once, while they were watching for an opportune day, she went in as before with only two maids, and wished to bathe in the garden, for it was a hot day. 16 No one was there except the two elders, who had hidden themselves and were watching her. 17 She said to her maids, “Bring me olive oil and ointments, and shut the garden doors so that I can bathe.” 18 They did as she told them: they shut the doors of the garden and went out by the side doors to bring what they had been commanded; they did not see the elders, because they were hiding.

19 When the maids had gone out, the two elders got up and ran to her. 20 They said, “Look, the garden doors are shut, and no one can see us. We are burning with desire for you; so give your consent, and lie with us. 21 If you refuse, we will testify against you that a young man was with you, and this was why you sent your maids away.”

22 Susanna groaned and said, “I am completely trapped. For if I do this, it will mean death for me; if I do not, I cannot escape your hands. 23 I choose not to do it; I will fall into your hands, rather than sin in the sight of the Lord Jehovah.”

(Jehovah, the God of Abraham, is my Father too, Jehovah is my Father! )

the christ is the son of Jehovah

24 Then Susanna cried out with a loud voice, and the two elders shouted against her. 25 And one of them ran and opened the garden doors. 26 When the people in the house heard the shouting in the garden, they rushed in at the side door to see what had happened to her. 27 And when the elders told their story, the servants felt very much ashamed, for nothing like this had ever been said about Susanna.

The elders testify falsely against Susanna
28 The next day, when the people gathered at the house of her husband Joakim, the two elders came, full of their wicked plot to have Susanna put to death. In the presence of the people they said, 29 “Send for Susanna daughter of Hilkiah, the wife of Joakim.” 30 So they sent for her. And she came with her parents, her children, and all her relatives.

31 Now Susanna was a woman of great refinement and beautiful in appearance. 32 As she was veiled, the scoundrels ordered her to be unveiled, so that they might feast their eyes on her beauty. 33 Those who were with her and all who saw her were weeping.

34 Then the two elders stood up before the people and laid their hands on her head. 35 Through her tears she looked up toward Heaven, for her heart trusted in Jehovah. 36 The elders said, “While we were walking in the garden alone, this woman came in with two maids, shut the garden doors, and dismissed the maids. 37 Then a young man, who was hiding there, came to her and lay with her. 38 We were in a corner of the garden, and when we saw this wickedness we ran to them. 39 Although we saw them embracing, we could not hold the man, because he was stronger than we, and he opened the doors and got away. 40 We did, however, seize this woman and asked who the young man was, 41 but she would not tell us. These things we testify.”

Because they were elders of the people and judges, the assembly believed them and condemned her to death.

42 Then Susanna cried out with a loud voice, and said, “O eternal God, you know what is secret and are aware of all things before they come to be; 43 you know that these men have given false evidence against me. And now I am to die, though I have done none of the wicked things that they have charged against me!”

44 Jehovah heard her cry. 45 Just as she was being led off to execution, God stirred up the holy spirit of a young lad named Daniel, 46 and he shouted with a loud voice, “I want no part in shedding this woman’s blood!”

The prophet Daniel rescues Susanna
47 All the people turned to him and asked, “What is this you are saying?” 48 Taking his stand among them he said, “Are you such fools, O Israelites, as to condemn a daughter of Israel without examination and without learning the facts? 49 Return to court, for these men have given false evidence against her.”

50 So all the people hurried back. And the rest of the elders said to him, “Come, sit among us and inform us, for God has given you the standing of an elder.” 51 Daniel said to them, “Separate them far from each other, and I will examine them.”

52 When they were separated from each other, he summoned one of them and said to him, “You old relic of wicked days, your sins have now come home, which you have committed in the past, 53 pronouncing unjust judgments, condemning the innocent and acquitting the guilty, though Jehovah said, ‘You shall not put an innocent and righteous person to death.’ 54 Now then, if you really saw this woman, tell me this: Under what tree did you see them being intimate with each other?” He answered, “Under a mastic tree.” 55 And Daniel said, “Very well! This lie has cost you your head, for the angel of God has received the sentence from God and will immediately cut you in two.”

56 Then, putting him to one side, he ordered them to bring the other. And he said to him, “You offspring of Canaan and not of Judah, beauty has beguiled you and lust has perverted your heart. 57 This is how you have been treating the daughters of Israel, and they were intimate with you through fear; but a daughter of Judah would not tolerate your wickedness. 58 Now then, tell me: Under what tree did you catch them being intimate with each other?” He answered, “Under an evergreen oak.” 59 Daniel said to him, “Very well! This lie has cost you also your head, for the angel of God is waiting with his sword to split you in two, so as to destroy you both.”

60 Then the whole assembly raised a great shout and blessed God, who saves those who hope in him. 61 And they took action against the two elders, because out of their own mouths Daniel had convicted them of bearing false witness; they did to them as they had wickedly planned to do to their neighbor. 62 Acting in accordance with the law of Moses, they put them to death. Thus innocent blood was spared that day.

63 Hilkiah and his wife praised God for their daughter Susanna, and so did her husband Joakim and all her relatives, because she was found innocent of a shameful deed. 64 And from that day onward Daniel had a great reputation among the people.

Example of accussers who are not Satan:

Jesus himself was an accusser but he was not Satan, but Satan’s adversary!

Luke 11:52 ‘Woe betide you lawyers! You have taken away the key of knowledge. You didn’t go in yourselves, and you stopped the people who were trying to go in.’

And from the story of Sussana and the elders, the righteous prophet Daniel was an accusser:

Susanna 1:55 And Daniel said, “Very well! This lie has cost you your head, for the angel of God has received the sentence from God and will immediately cut you in two.”

The image of the beast is not a microchip [it is any idol], [and the mark of the beast] is the inability to stop worshiping the image of the beast (Luke 16: 24-31, Daniel 12:10, Revelation 9:20), the image of the beast is its religious idols (Daniel 12:10, Exodus 20: 1-5, Hosea 13: 4, Isaiah 2: 8-22) more info in my publication in Spanish ,,

If you have this question: What were the servants of Jehovah accused of in Revelation  12:10?

The angels of God, the messengers of God, they were accussed of having preached the falsified gospel, which in the Bible, as I have been shouting to the four winds of the earth during months!:



(My enemy Sandra is my slanderer enemy, and that is an example too: John 6:70 «There are people who talk to the Devil and don’t know it.»)

(Youtubers who said that Jehovah is a wicked god are another examples of Satan’s messengers, they are the angels of the dragon, which I have unmasked: The war in cyberspace: “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I silence you, Satan !!! In the name of the Father (Jehovah), the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit (Michael), I silence you, slanderer !!! ” )

Let’s use logic:

If Satan is the damned enemy, who the heck must love Satan ?, who the heck must love the enemy ?, who the heck would have taught falsely in the name of Jehovah, that Jehovah loves his enemies and that we must love our enemies too in order to be “as our father Jehovah who is in heaven ?, but that is in the Bible, in Matthew 5: 38-44, and Bible says that Jesus said it, the servants of Satan, the priest of Rome, they have falsely acussed Jesus of having said that message, and this is just a tiny example of many similar lies that are in the Bible in regards what my brothers said and did not say !.

It is true that when it rains, sometimes both: the wicked and the righteous get wet, but it does not mean the Jehovah love both,  when it rained sulfur in Gomorrah only the wicked were burned, not the righteous Lot!.

Psalms 11:1 In Jehovah I take refuge.
How then can you say to me:
“Flee like a bird to your mountain.
2 For look, the wicked bend their bows;
they set their arrows against the strings
to shoot from the shadows
at the upright in heart.
3 When the foundations are being destroyed,
what can the righteous do?”

4 Jehovah is in his holy temple;
the Lord Jehovah is on his heavenly throne.
He observes everyone on earth;
his eyes examine them.
5 The Lord examines the righteous,
but the wicked, those who love violence,
he hates with a passion.
6 On the wicked he will rain
fiery coals and burning sulfur;
a scorching wind will be their lot.

7 For Jehovah is righteous,
he loves justice;
the upright will see his face.

Jehovah I love your law and I think all day on your law

Impure animals forbidden for the human consumption in the law of Moses –  Pagan practices forbidden

Deuteromony 14:1 `Sons ye [are] to Jehovah your God; ye do not cut yourselves, nor make baldness between your eyes for the dead;

2 for a holy people [art] thou to Jehovah thy God, and on thee hath Jehovah fixed to be to Him for a people, a peculiar treasure, out of all the peoples who [are] on the face of the ground.

3 `Thou dost not eat any abominable thing;

4 `this [is] the beast which ye do eat: ox, lamb of the sheep, or kid of the goats,

5 hart, and roe, and fallow deer, and wild goat, and pygarg, and wild ox, and chamois;

6 and every beast dividing the hoof, and cleaving the cleft into two hoofs, bringing up the cud, among the beasts — it ye do eat.

7 `Only, this ye do not eat, of those bringing up the cud, and of those dividing the cloven hoof: the camel, and the hare, and the rabbit, for they are bringing up the cud but the hoof have not divided; unclean they [are] to you;

8 and the sow, for it is dividing the hoof, and not [bringing] up the cud, unclean it [is] to you; of their flesh ye do not eat, and against their carcase ye do not come.

9 `This ye do eat of all that [are] in the waters; all that hath fins and scales ye do eat;

10 and anything which hath not fins and scales ye do not eat; unclean it [is] to you.

11 `Any clean bird ye do eat;

12 and these [are] they of which ye do not eat: the eagle, and the ossifrage, and the ospray,

13 and the glede, and the kite, and the vulture after its kind,

14 and every raven after its kind;

15 and the owl, and the night-hawk, and the cuckoo, and the hawk after its kind;

16 the [little] owl, and the [great] owl, and the swan,

17 and the pelican, and the gier-eagle, and the cormorant,

18 and the stork, and the heron after its kind, and the lapwing, and the bat;

19 and every teeming thing which is flying, unclean it [is] to you; they are not eaten;

20 any clean fowl ye do eat.

21 `Ye do not eat of any carcase; to the sojourner who [is] within thy gates thou dost give it, and he hath eaten it; or sell [it] to a stranger; for a holy people thou [art] to Jehovah thy God; thou dost not boil a kid in its mother’s milk.

Satan and his messenger have also acussed my brothers of having said that the impure animal for human consumption can be purified by means of words: among these impure animales for the eat there are: pigs, rabbits and bats!

The coronavirus covid-19 mutated from virus which are native in bats, same you can say about porks, what do you think was the true reason that had the pig breeders to reject Jesus?

Luke 8:35 and the people went out to see what had happened. When they came to Jesus, they found the man from whom the demons had gone out, sitting at Jesus’ feet, dressed and in his right mind; and they were afraid. 36 Those who had seen it told the people how the demon-possessed man had been cured. 37 Then all the people of the region of the Gerasenes asked Jesus to leave them, because they were overcome with fear [to have their business ruined because of his preaching, obviously Jesus was againt the commerce of pig for the eat, otherwise Jesus hadn’t had spoiled the clean food which could be consumed by the poor and meek people that he appreciated!). So he got into the boat and left.

Do you see how the vain words can not end the curse that God sent?,

Ask the Pope, why are not the statues responding to his prayers?, because they are not God and he is a false prophet!

Yes, Jehovah has moved his pieces and has caused Coronavirus covid-19 and this worldwide lock-down in many cities:

Matthew 10:29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s alloweness.

Isaiah 45:5 I am Jehovah, and there is no other;
apart from me there is no God.
I will strengthen you,
though you have not acknowledged me,
6 so that from the rising of the sun
to the place of its setting
people may know there is none besides me.
I am Jehovah, and there is no other.
7 I form the light and create darkness,
I bring prosperity and create disaster;
I, Jehovah, do all these things.

Deuteronomy 32:39 “‘See now that I, even I, am he,
and there is no god beside me;
I kill and I make alive;
I wound and I heal;
and there is none that can deliver out of my hand.

But this false prophet does not accept it, he does not give glory to God, but to his gods and his idols, if he were a true servant of God, he would had informed you of the truth, just as I have done!!.

Revelation 9:20 The rest of mankind who were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons (the beasts – tha false prophets), and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood—idols that cannot see or hear or walk (they did not stop to bow down to them to pray to them because they have the mark of the beast: The image of the beast is not a microchip [it is any idol].).

Revelation 9:20 Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality (Leviticus 18) or their thefts (frauds).

You had read this message from me, not from him!


For the Franciscans, death is an invincible friend, a business partner.

let is finish the nightmare - people of God we can finish it togueter

(Pagan religions and the sacrifice of human beings. – «When the Catholic Church did a witch hunt, it only persecuted its competitors, now it doesn’t because witches use Catholic idols.» )

For true Christians, death is a beatable enemy.

The Cross and the Apocalypse - What is the meaning of the cross - This is the meaning of the cross

(Those are your visible idols, what are your hidden idols?

+ Related information can be found in my posts in spanish in the lines below:

Juan 6:70 “Hay gente que conversa con el Diablo y no lo sabe.”

Apocalipsis 15:2 Vi también como un mar de vidrio mezclado con fuego; y a los que habían alcanzado la victoria sobre la bestia y su imagen, y su marca y el número de su nombre, en pie sobre el mar de vidrio, con las arpas de Dios. – El culto de los falsos cristianos a Samael, el dios romano / ¿Que es la adoración?.





The unjust: “Do you know what this symbol means? It is the Yin Yang, it represents the eternal fight between good and evil, between light and darkness, the two forces are equally powerful.”

The just: “The fight for both forces to coexist does not have to be eternal, remove black from white and remove white from black, peace for those in the white zone and eternal violence (fight), to which you have surrendered through your words, in your black zone.

The force of darkness is inferior than the force of light because it needs to imitate some of the virtues of the force of light to be accepted even among its own members, in order to gain cohesion.

Nature teaches that stronger animals are imitated by the weaker animals.

True gold is superior to false gold, you will respect hierarchies with your pain “…


Michael - end times

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El matrimonio de Jesús será con una mujer mujer real, fiel y virgen (no con un pueblo o iglesia !).
1 Corinzi 1:27 ma Dio ha scelto le cose pazze del mondo per svergognare i sapienti.
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Es justo y necesario, es nuestro deber y salvación denunciar tu fraude, Satanás!
Jehová está conmigo como poderoso gigante; por ello los que me persiguen tropezarán, y fracasarán.
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(.PDF) – te mostraré la sentencia contra la ramera Babilonia (el Vaticano)

(.PDF) – The Doctrines of demons are the unclean spirits coming out from the mouth of the false prophets of the Dragon (Satan)

(.PDF) God hates the sin but loves some sinners – extended version


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Miqueas Dan. 2:33 Dan. 7:33 Dan. 8:33 Dan. 9:33 Dan. 10:33 Dan. 11:33 Dan. 12:33
Nahúm Dan. 2:34 Dan. 7:34 Dan. 8:34 Dan. 9:34 Dan. 10:34 Dan. 11:34 Dan. 12:34
Habacuc Dan. 2:35 Dan. 7:35 Dan. 8:35 Dan. 9:35 Dan. 10:35 Dan. 11:35 Dan. 12:35
Sofonías Dan. 2:36 Dan. 7:36 Dan. 8:36 Dan. 9:36 Dan. 10:36 Dan. 11:36 Dan. 12:36
Hageo Dan. 2:37 Dan. 7:37 Dan. 8:37 Dan. 9:37 Dan. 10:37 Dan. 11:37 Dan. 12:37
Zacarías Dan. 2:38 Dan. 7:38 Dan. 8:38 Dan. 9:38 Dan. 10:38 Dan. 11:38 Dan. 12:38
Malaquías Dan. 2:39 Dan. 7:39 Dan. 8:39 Dan. 9:39 Dan. 10:39 Dan. 11:39 Dan. 12:39
Mateo Dan. 2:40 Dan. 7:40 Dan. 8:40 Dan. 9:40 Dan. 10:40 Dan. 11:40 Dan. 12:40
Marcos Dan. 2:41 Dan. 7:41 Dan. 8:41 Dan. 9:41 Dan. 10:41 Dan. 11:41 Dan. 12:41
Lucas Dan. 2:42 Dan. 7:42 Dan. 8:42 Dan. 9:42 Dan. 10:42 Dan. 11:42 Dan. 12:42
Juan Dan. 2:43 Dan. 7:43 Dan. 8:43 Dan. 9:43 Dan. 10:43 Dan. 11:43 Dan. 12:43
Hechos Dan. 2:44 Dan. 7:44 Dan. 8:44 Dan. 9:44 Dan. 10:44 Dan. 11:44 Dan. 12:44
Romanos Dan. 2:45 Dan. 7:45 Dan. 8:45 Dan. 9:45 Dan. 10:45 Dan. 11:45 Dan. 12:45
1 Corintios Dan. 2:46 Dan. 7:46 Dan. 8:46 Dan. 9:46 Dan. 10:46 Dan. 11:46 Dan. 12:46
2 Corintios Dan. 2:47 Dan. 7:47 Dan. 8:47 Dan. 9:47 Dan. 10:47 Dan. 11:47 Dan. 12:47
Gálatas Dan. 2:48 Dan. 7:48 Dan. 8:48 Dan. 9:48 Dan. 10:48 Dan. 11:48 Dan. 12:48
Efesios Dan. 2:49 Dan. 7:49 Dan. 8:49 Dan. 9:49 Dan. 10:49 Dan. 11:49 Dan. 12:49
Filipenses Dan. 2:50 Dan. 7:50 Dan. 8:50 Dan. 9:50 Dan. 10:50 Dan. 11:50 Dan. 12:50
Colosenses Dan. 2:51 Dan. 7:51 Dan. 8:51 Dan. 9:51 Dan. 10:51 Dan. 11:51 Dan. 12:51
1 Tesalonicenses Dan. 2:52 Dan. 7:52 Dan. 8:52 Dan. 9:52 Dan. 10:52 Dan. 11:52 Dan. 12:52
2 Tesalonicenses Dan. 2:53 Dan. 7:53 Dan. 8:53 Dan. 9:53 Dan. 10:53 Dan. 11:53 Dan. 12:53
1 Timoteo Dan. 2:54 Dan. 7:54 Dan. 8:54 Dan. 9:54 Dan. 10:54 Dan. 11:54 Dan. 12:54
2 Timoteo Dan. 2:55 Dan. 7:55 Dan. 8:55 Dan. 9:55 Dan. 10:55 Dan. 11:55 Dan. 12:55
Tito Dan. 2:56 Dan. 7:56 Dan. 8:56 Dan. 9:56 Dan. 10:56 Dan. 11:56 Dan. 12:56
Filemón Dan. 2:57 Dan. 7:57 Dan. 8:57 Dan. 9:57 Dan. 10:57 Dan. 11:57 Dan. 12:57
Hebreos Dan. 2:58 Dan. 7:58 Dan. 8:58 Dan. 9:58 Dan. 10:58 Dan. 11:58 Dan. 12:58
Santiago Dan. 2:59 Dan. 7:59 Dan. 8:59 Dan. 9:59 Dan. 10:59 Dan. 11:59 Dan. 12:59
1 Pedro Dan. 2:60 Dan. 7:60 Dan. 8:60 Dan. 9:60 Dan. 10:60 Dan. 11:60 Dan. 12:60
2 Pedro Dan. 2:61 Dan. 7:61 Dan. 8:61 Dan. 9:61 Dan. 10:61 Dan. 11:61 Dan. 12:61
1 Juan Dan. 2:62 Dan. 7:62 Dan. 8:62 Dan. 9:62 Dan. 10:62 Dan. 11:62 Dan. 12:62
2 Juan Dan. 2:63 Dan. 7:63 Dan. 8:63 Dan. 9:63 Dan. 10:63 Dan. 11:63 Dan. 12:63
3 Juan Dan. 2:64 Dan. 7:64 Dan. 8:64 Dan. 9:64 Dan. 10:64 Dan. 11:64 Dan. 12:64
Judas Dan. 2:65 Dan. 7:65 Dan. 8:65 Dan. 9:65 Dan. 10:65 Dan. 11:65 Dan. 12:65
Apocalipsis Dan. 2:66 Dan. 7:66 Dan. 8:66 Dan. 9:66 Dan. 10:66 Dan. 11:66 Dan. 12:66
Tobit Dan. 2:67 Dan. 7:67 Dan. 8:67 Dan. 9:67 Dan. 10:67 Dan. 11:67 Dan. 12:67
Judit Dan. 2:68 Dan. 7:68 Dan. 8:68 Dan. 9:68 Dan. 10:68 Dan. 11:68 Dan. 12:68
Ester griego Dan. 2:69 Dan. 7:69 Dan. 8:69 Dan. 9:69 Dan. 10:69 Dan. 11:69 Dan. 12:69
Sabiduría Dan. 2:70 Dan. 7:70 Dan. 8:70 Dan. 9:70 Dan. 10:70 Dan. 11:70 Dan. 12:70
Eclesiástico Dan. 2:71 Dan. 7:71 Dan. 8:71 Dan. 9:71 Dan. 10:71 Dan. 11:71 Dan. 12:71
Baruc Dan. 2:72 Dan. 7:72 Dan. 8:72 Dan. 9:72 Dan. 10:72 Dan. 11:72 Dan. 12:72
Carta de Jeremías Dan. 2:73 Dan. 7:73 Dan. 8:73 Dan. 9:73 Dan. 10:73 Dan. 11:73 Dan. 12:73
Oración de Azarías Dan. 2:74 Dan. 7:74 Dan. 8:74 Dan. 9:74 Dan. 10:74 Dan. 11:74 Dan. 12:74
Susana Dan. 2:75 Dan. 7:75 Dan. 8:75 Dan. 9:75 Dan. 10:75 Dan. 11:75 Dan. 12:75
Bel y el dragón Dan. 2:76 Dan. 7:76 Dan. 8:76 Dan. 9:76 Dan. 10:76 Dan. 11:76 Dan. 12:76
1 Macabeos Dan. 2:77 Dan. 7:77 Dan. 8:77 Dan. 9:77 Dan. 10:77 Dan. 11:77 Dan. 12:77
2 Macabeos Dan. 2:78 Dan. 7:78 Dan. 8:78 Dan. 9:78 Dan. 10:78 Dan. 11:78 Dan. 12:78
Libro de Enoc Dan. 2:79 Dan. 7:79 Dan. 8:79 Dan. 9:79 Dan. 10:79 Dan. 11:79 Dan. 12:79
Evangelio de Felipe Dan. 2:80 Dan. 7:80 Dan. 8:80 Dan. 9:80 Dan. 10:80 Dan. 11:80 Dan. 12:80
Evangelio de Tomás Dan. 2:81 Dan. 7:81 Dan. 8:81 Dan. 9:81 Dan. 10:81 Dan. 11:81 Dan. 12:81
1ra Samuel, Dan. 2:82 Dan. 7:82 Dan. 8:82 Dan. 9:82 Dan. 10:82 Dan. 11:82 Dan. 12:82
2da Samuel, Dan. 2:83 Dan. 7:83 Dan. 8:83 Dan. 9:83 Dan. 10:83 Dan. 11:83 Dan. 12:83
1ra Reyes, Dan. 2:84 Dan. 7:84 Dan. 8:84 Dan. 9:84 Dan. 10:84 Dan. 11:84 Dan. 12:84
2da Reyes, Dan. 2:85 Dan. 7:85 Dan. 8:85 Dan. 9:85 Dan. 10:85 Dan. 11:85 Dan. 12:85
1ra Crónicas, Dan. 2:86 Dan. 7:86 Dan. 8:86 Dan. 9:86 Dan. 10:86 Dan. 11:86 Dan. 12:86
2da Crónicas, Dan. 2:87 Dan. 7:87 Dan. 8:87 Dan. 9:87 Dan. 10:87 Dan. 11:87 Dan. 12:87
1ra Corintios, Dan. 2:88 Dan. 7:88 Dan. 8:88 Dan. 9:88 Dan. 10:88 Dan. 11:88 Dan. 12:88
2da Corintios, Dan. 2:89 Dan. 7:89 Dan. 8:89 Dan. 9:89 Dan. 10:89 Dan. 11:89 Dan. 12:89
1ra Pedro, Dan. 2:90 Dan. 7:90 Dan. 8:90 Dan. 9:90 Dan. 10:90 Dan. 11:90 Dan. 12:90
2da Pedro, Dan. 2:91 Dan. 7:91 Dan. 8:91 Dan. 9:91 Dan. 10:91 Dan. 11:91 Dan. 12:91
1ra Juan, Dan. 2:92 Dan. 7:92 Dan. 8:92 Dan. 9:92 Dan. 10:92 Dan. 11:92 Dan. 12:92
2da Juan, Dan. 2:93 Dan. 7:93 Dan. 8:93 Dan. 9:93 Dan. 10:93 Dan. 11:93 Dan. 12:93
3ra Juan, Dan. 2:94 Dan. 7:94 Dan. 8:94 Dan. 9:94 Dan. 10:94 Dan. 11:94 Dan. 12:94
1ra Macabeos, Dan. 2:95 Dan. 7:95 Dan. 8:95 Dan. 9:95 Dan. 10:95 Dan. 11:95 Dan. 12:95
2da Macabeos Dan. 2:96 Dan. 7:96 Dan. 8:96 Dan. 9:96 Dan. 10:96 Dan. 11:96 Dan. 12:96

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