The illuminati can never be defeated.

The victory of the forces loyal to Yahweh. The victory of the forces loyal to Jehovah. The victory of the forces loyal to God.

Luke 11:21 When the strong armed man guards his palace, his possessions are at peace. 22 But when someone stronger than him comes and defeats him, he takes away all his weapons that he trusted, and divides the spoil. Let’s see; the truth is like the light, the seer in the dark if he suddenly receives light he will see, but the blind will not feel any difference, even with his eyes wide open he will not see the light, «illuminati» means enlightened, if the truth illuminates, then the illuminati are those who know the truth, that truth freed them from ignorance, the ignorance in which those who live in darkness live, for this reason they do not see what is around them, neither predators, nor the abysses, Jehovah it is the light of the illuminati, those who live in darkness cannot overcome those who see the abysses on the road, and those who know where the predators are. Micah 7:8 You, my enemy, do not rejoice in me, because although I fell, I will rise; Though I dwell in darkness, Jehovah will be my light. 9 I will bear the wrath of the Lord, because I have sinned against him, until he judges my cause and does my justice; he will bring me out; I will see his justice. 10 And my enemy will see it, and shame will cover her; the one who said to me: Where is Jehovah your God? My eyes will see her; now she will be trampled like mud on the streets. Psalms 119:98 Jehovah, you have made me wiser than my enemies with your commandments, For they are always with me. 99 More than all my teachers I have understood, Because your testimonies are my meditation. 100 More than the old ones I have understood, Because I have kept your commandments; 101 I held back my feet from every evil way, to keep your word. 102 I did not stray from your judgments, because you taught me. 103 How sweet are your words to my taste! More than honey to my mouth. 104 I have acquired intelligence from your commandments; Therefore I have hated all lies.
Image: The strong and armed wicked man (Samael).

The strong and armed wicked man (Samael)
Speaking of lies, the Romans have lied to the world with the Bible, to make it, they took texts of the truth and incorporated to it fables, lies, and Greek wisdom, as the love for the enemies (as if the one who voluntarily slanders, could stop being a natural slanderer : Daniel 12:10 “the wicked will proceed wickedly, and none of the wicked will understand [righteousness].” Ecclesiasticus / Sirach 37:11 Do not request a woman an advice about about her rival. Sirach 37:11 Don’t speak about justice to a wicked man. (then: Do not ask those who love to practice celibacy, an advice about the marriage between a man and a woman.)); It is also Greek doctrine «to treat all others as we would like to be treated (as if everyone deserved good treatment)», these two teachings are the words of Cleobulus of Lindos, one of the so-called «seven sages of Greece».
Image: (Michael: The just man armed with the word of God.)
The just man armed with the word of God.
my trial against the slanderer
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