I show you the prophecies of Isaiah and the book of Enoch, maybe you prefer to read the false prophecies of Nostradamus.

I show you the prophecies of Isaiah and Enoch, maybe you prefer to read the false prophecies of Nostradamus.

Isaiah 13:3 I have commanded my sanctified, I have also called my mighty men for my anger, they that rejoice in my glory.
Isaiah 13:4 Thunderous noise from the mountains, as from many people; roar of the noise of kingdoms, of united nations; Jehovah of armies reviews the troops for battle.

Book of Enoch 1:9 See that He comes with a multitude of His saints, to execute judgment on all and will annihilate the wicked and punish all flesh for all their wicked works, which they have perversely committed and of all words haughty and harsh that wicked sinners have spoken against Him.
Book of Enoch 1: 5 Observe and see all the trees, how in all of them the green leaves stand out and cover them and all their fruits are for adornment and glory, Exalt and consider all these works and know how the living God, the one who lives eternally, He has done all those things.
However, multitudes of people have not worshiped Him, but gods made with hands and all kinds of creatures, and they have praised the false prophets who teach to direct prayers to creatures and not to Him, multitudes of people have not they have sought the truth, and settled for the lies, therefore:
Isaiah 2:8-12 Furthermore, their land is full of idols, and they have knelt before the work of their hands and before what their fingers made. And man has bowed, and man has humbled himself; therefore, do not forgive them.

Get into the rock, hide in the dust, from the fearful presence of Jehovah, and from the splendor of his majesty.
The haughtiness of the eyes of man will be lowered, and the pride of men will be humiliated; and Jehovah will only be exalted on that day.

For the day of Jehovah of Hosts will come over all haughty and proud, above all exalted, and will be brought down; And then …
God’s wrath will continue until:
Isaiah 6:12 until Jehovah has driven men away and multiplied abandoned places in the midst of the earth.
13 And if a tenth remains in it, it will be destroyed again; but like the oak and the oak, which when cut are still the trunk, so will the trunk, the holy seed. In this way all those who remain standing will be the righteous and they will direct their prayers only to God : Book of Enoch 10:21 «And all the sons of men will become righteous and all the nations will worship me, they will pray to me, Jehovah, and they will praise me. 22» And the earth will be clean from all corruption, from all sin, from all punishment and from all pain and I will not send more plagues on the earth, until the generations of the generations nor for all eternity.

la verdad del cielo destruye la mentira de la bestia

Revelation 21:4 It will wipe away all their tears, and there will be no more death, or weeping, or lamentation, or pain; because all pain that previously existed for them has ceased to exist. There will be no pain for the righteous, but there will be pain for the enemies of the righteous …

Book of Enoch 12:6 «And just as they rejoiced because of their children they will see the death of their beloveds and mourn for the loss of their children and they will pray eternally, but there will be no mercy or peace for them.»

Book of Enoch 68:4 But it happened that when Michael came before the Lord of the spirits (Jehovah), Michael said to Raphael: “I will not defend them in the eyes of the Lord, for the Lord of the spirits is furious with they, because they behaved as if they were the Lord.

Isaiah 66:24 And they will go out, and they will see the corpses of the men that rebelled against me; for their worm will never die, nor will their fire be quenched, and they will be abominable to every man.

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