Clarification: don’t get me wrong!

Clarification: don’t get me wrong, I only speak Spanish and English, the texts in other languages ​​are written with the help of online translators, my messages are more detailed in Spanish, but I make it clear: I do not trust in all the content of the Bible; there are contradictions which show that the original message has been falsified. In my publications I show that these teachings are part of the falsification: «love for the enemy», «the purity of foods that have already been declared as impure foods» (examples of these impure foods are the pig, the rabbit, the bat etc.) «,» to preach a creature as the savior», etc. At some point I believed these lies and it was not good for me to believe and obey these lies.

Pursuing fraudsters in a conventional court is useless. The best way to judge them is on a blog like mine, where I make fun of the contradictions of the Bible using didactic illustrations.





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