Both hands: interlaced fingers.

Both hands: interlaced fingers.
Imagine that the true religion of Christ and his co-religionists is represented by a hand painted blue and that the religion of the Romans is represented by a hand painted red.
Imagine now that both religions are mixed.
Then you see crossed hands, red fingers and blue fingers.
Is that the true religion of Christ?
No, that’s a coupling of Roman mythology, Greek wisdom, and true Judaism (the Judaism that prophesied the new covenant (Psalms 40:6) to replace the old covenant (Leviticus 7), through faith that the death of Christ on a cross (Psalm 22), occurred to fulfill later, at the end time, the reincarnation of Jerusalem (Zion) (Hosea 6:1-3), and Jerusalem means city of peace (because its true citizens are peaceable, and so are the righteous), so that they inherit eternal life (Daniel 12:1-3, Psalms 118:13-23))!

To find the true religion of Christ, you must be able to distinguish the blue fingers from the red fingers.
I have been able to distinguish them because I asked God for light to notice the different colors of the crossed fingers so as not to believe again what was written on the red fingers, as I believed when I had no light (Micah 7: 8-9)

So I have been able to develop this blog.

Apreciado entendedor:
Recuerda: Evangelio significa buenas noticias, y estas son solo para las personas justas!
(Salmo 118:20, Salmo 22:26, Habacuc 2:4).
Ves entonces unas manos cruzadas, dedos rojos y dedos azules.
¿Es esa la verdadera religión de Cristo?.
Así yo he podido desarrollar este blog.