The wolf in sheep’s clothing. The book of injustice with the paste of the book of truth. The UFO and the dragon.

The wolf in sheep’s clothing. The book of injustice with the paste of the book of truth.

Introduction message:



The wolf in sheep’s clothing hanging the book of injustice with the paste of the book of truth.


The wolf in sheep’s clothing. The book of injustice with the paste of the book of truth.
Isaiah 1: 3 The ox knows its owner, and the donkey its master’s crib; Israel does not understand, my people do not have knowledge.
2 Kings 18: 4 King Hezekiah removed the high places, and smashed the images, and cut off the symbols of Asherah, and smashed the bronze serpent that Moses had made, because until then the children of Israel burned incense; and called it Nehustan.
2 Kings 18: 7 And the Lord was with him; and wherever it went, it prospered. He rebelled against the king of Assyria, and did not serve him.
Understood friend, make the contrast yourself, confirm that I am not lying, nor am I wrong in this matter!
Romans 13: 1 Let everyone submit to the governing authorities; because there is no authority except from God, and those that exist are constituted by God. (Romans 13: 1 reflects an unjust doctrine made up with a truth, it is true that God puts all authority, but he puts the false prophets to test the faithfulness of the people (Deuteronomy 13), therefore, what if God puts a madman to rule? What if God puts an idolatrous imbecile in a high religious position? What if God places a shyster as the ruler of a country with atomic weapons which threatens the world economy? Will God want us to find a way to overthrow him, more specifically that we ask God for help and not creatures, to overthrow that madman? God does what he wants with his things and the other gods that he has created (Psalms 82) Who can understand God? Only God understands himself)
I explain quickly and briefly why you are intelligent, imagine that a wolf kills a sheep, eats its meat, and dresses with the skin, imagine that the sheep had a book, imagine that the wolf dresses in the skin of its victim and takes the book of his dead prey to which he inserts his own teachings masked with some teachings of the sheep and synthesizes them in a book, black with white .. The wolf wants to attract new prey so he dresses in the skin of his victim, he cajoles using some words that the dead sheep used to say, as if wanting to imitate the sheep not only in appearance but in voice, but something does not add up, such as when a transvestite strains his voice to make it sound like a woman’s voice, or like When an effeminate who does not want to come out of the closet speaks loudly to disguise that he is a fag, therefore, be attentive to the signals and recognize the mixtures, recognize the words of the dark mixed with the words of the light, it is easy if you inform yourself and you stop Doing so many distractions, if I could achieve it, then you can also achieve it because you are my similar …, they can’t!
And that’s something that Jesus said (that Jesus really said, I distinguish a genuine verse from a false one), the defeated are despoiled; and in this way they stripped the saints of the Most High of the weapons in which they trusted (but it is time to put things in their place …),
Luke 11:21 When the armed strongman guards his palace, what he possesses is in peace.
22 But when someone stronger than him comes and defeats him, he takes away all his weapons in which he trusted, and divides the spoil.
The wolf: «Using the sheep’s disguise (calling me God’s messenger), and saying some things that the sheep said, I am going to attract more sheep to the slaughterhouse with the words of the book that other wolves approved after the slaughter of the lambs ( Daniel 9: 25-26), I am a genius, stupid sheep do not realize my machinations! (Daniel 8:25) «»

Based on their deeds you can also recognize them:

«Just as the wicked Cain was older than the youngest good Abel, you never had been a rival of same my size, Satan!, that is why God has helped me to defeat you, oh giant and stupid monster!!»

«You were defeated Samael, now your legions are left without defenses, Samael, it will be very easy to defeat them, hahahaha!»