The walk from a few days ago..

The greek Cupid
A few days ago I was passing through the district of Los Olivos here in Metropolitan Lima, I was sticking labels with the address of my page (, then next to a playground and a soccer field, I saw a very unpleasant monument to see, but that I photographed and filmed to complement the complaint that I have developed on my blog, which is the result of a long investigation that I would like everyone to read.


The wolf is different from the sheep although it disguises itself as one.

The wolf and the sheep do not look at meat with the same eyes:
The wolf looks at meat as food, looks at it eagerly to eat it when it is hungry because it is a carnivorous animal, but the sheep never does because it is a herbivorous animal.
If you are interested or interested in recognizing a predator disguised as a «herbivore», listen in this video what I have to say about it. (Find someone else to translate it from Spanish because I am very busy)

jueves, 22 de julio de 2021

I am mocking of them

Psalms 2:1-4 Explained.

A strategy to ensure that when a person wants to tell a relevant truth is not taken seriously, is to simulate that event several times using scammers, here I explain it, watch this video (The video will be found in my post, it is in Spanish, if possible have others translate into your prefered language).

If the snake could hear me I would say this to it

The explanation to Revelation 12: 6

 The explanation to Revelation 12: 6

The beloved woman is isolated from the serpent, the serpent represents its own offspring, the serpent lives in its own offspring because slander is part of its nature, when it envies someone and finds no defects in that person, the serpent slanders against that person. That happened to the prophet Daniel. Many false things have been said about the servants of God, and many of those false things have been sacramented in the Bible by the romans, yes, the Bible contains lies camouflaged among great truths, to discover the snake camouflaged in the forest you have to see in detail every corner, that’s why two things are important: have a good view and explore the scene, that is, have understanding and read as much of the Bible as possible, I did it, the result is what you see.

Gabriel and his bride is here:

If the snake could hear me I would say this to it:

“Your justice is not justice, it is as real as the fact that you are not Michael – the scale in your hand is only an object, not a true message of justice (BTW (the shield you carry is the ignorance of the people you scam and your sword is made of the words of slander you say))

The serpent is below of them (just look at the roman uniform the serpent wears)