Father, don’t forgive them because they do know what they’re doing.

Introductory message:

There are truths in the apocrypha and there are also lies in the Bible, do not confuse me with a preacher of the Bible since unlike them I denounce the lies that I found in the Bible, and regarding the truths in the Bible I relate these to the truths that I found in the apocrypha; And as regards the information gaps, I try to imagine what is missing and fill those gaps with messages that harmonize, it is like when an archaeologist discards the bones foreign to a specific animal whose bone structure shape he reconstructs only with the own bones of that animal, and regarding the missing bones he projects them as best he can based on his expertise, shaping them using filling materials. The Roman wolf has preyed on the Jewish sheep, the wolf also died and only the bones of both remained, I know that I allowed myself to be understood and believed by my fellow men.

Il mio universo – Vangelo di Tommaso – Apocalisse di Pietro



Jueces 16 – La experiencia de Sansón con Dalila, la mujer filistea, demuestra que no vale la pena amar a los enemigos. – ¿Quién es el Anciano de Días mencionado en el libro de Daniel?.

The Roman Wolf: Is the myth with what I say a coincidence? Will that explain the predatory nature of the empire that was born from Rome?
Did the foster wolf mother feel empathy for these two «cubs» because it sensed in them a resemblance to her species?

La calumnia dispara pero la verdad contragolpea.

Read and chose!:


Matthew 21:37 Last of all, he sent his son to them. ‘They will respect my son,’ he said. 38 “But when the tenants saw the son, they said to each other, ‘This is the heir. Come, let’s kill him and take his inheritance.’ 39 So they took him and threw him out of the vineyard and killed him.
(Look, those wicked men knew exactly what there were doing: they were killing the Son of God with the purpose to steal his property!. Thieves and and killers, as the Roman empire was!)

Matthew 21:40 “Therefore, when the owner of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those tenants?”
41 “He will bring those wretches to a wretched end,” they replied, “and he will rent the vineyard to other tenants, who will give him his share of the crop at harvest time.
(Where is here the «love for the enemy teaching»?, theres is not «love for the enemy simply because Jesus never taught it, they were the romans who have falsified the gospel)
Matthew 21:42 Jesus said to them, “Have you never read in the Scriptures:
“‘The stone the builders rejected
has become the cornerstone;
Jehovah has done this,
and it is marvelous in our eyes’?

Explanation for the end times prophecy in Isaiah 5:3-7

Did the prophets of Rome never teach you this?,
well, I will.!
Psalms 118:17 I will not die but live (I have life everlasting),
and will proclaim what Jehovah has done.
18 Jehovah has chastened me severely (It happened because
I have sinned against Jehovah, but not because of my own nature, to be a sinner is not in my nature, I have sinned because of my ignorance or because it was impossible for me to avoid to sin because of the stumbling stones: the conspirators against the holy covenant),
but Jehovah has not given me over to death.
(He was not given to death because Jesus died so that people
like this righteous sinner be reedemmed from death!:
Isaiah 53:8 By oppression and judgment he was taken away.
Yet who of his generation protested?
For he was cut off from the land of the living;
for the transgression of my people he was punished.
9 He was assigned a grave with the wicked,
and with the rich in his death,
though he had done no violence,
nor was any deceit in his mouth.
10 Yet it was Jehovah’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer, and though Jehovah makes his life an offering for sin,
he will see his offspring and prolong his days,
and the will of Jehovah will prosper in his hand.
11 After he has suffered, he will see the light of life and be satisfied; by his knowledge my righteous servant will justify many, and he will bear their sins.
The old coventant was this:
Leviticus 7:1 “These are the instructions for sin forgiveness. It is most holy. 2 The animal sacrificed for sin forgiveness must be slaughtered at the place where the burnt offerings are slaughtered, and its blood must be splattered against all sides of the altar.
Because of the prophecy:
Psalms 40:6 Sacrifice and offering you did not desire—
but my ears you have opened—
burnt offerings and sin offerings you did not require.
7 Then I said, “Here I am, I have come—
it is written about me in the scroll.
8 I desire to do your will, my God;
your law is within my heart.
(Obviously when it says «your law is within my heart, Jesus was not thinking in the law of animals sacrifice, but of the law of justice: for example: Exodus 20:13 «Do not kill».
plus Exodus 21:14 «However if a man kills another on purpose, kill him too», the romans have said that both are sin, they have opposed justice, with a lie as an excuse, their lie is in the Biblia, based on it they said: «the word of God is «love your enemy (because God also loves Satan, because God blessed him who cursed him, God blessed Satan!)» – Really?, God blessed Satan?, are you insane damned blid, damned stupid!!: Read!:
Genesis 3:14 And Jehovah God said to the serpent, because you have done this, you are cursed among all the beasts ..)

The new covenant is this:
Habakkuk 2:4 «the righteous person will live by his faith.»
Faith in what?, Do you think that it was refering to faith in a wooden piece in the form of a cross?,
As an insult to the work of Jesus the romans have taught people to bow dow before crosses, as if Jesus had blessed idolatry, it was all the opposite.


Habbakuk 2:18 “Of what value is an idol carved by a craftsman?
Or an image that teaches lies?
For the one who makes it trusts in his own creation;
he makes idols that cannot speak.
19 Woe to him who says to wood, ‘Come to life!’
Or to lifeless stone, ‘Wake up!’
Can it give guidance?
It is covered with gold and silver;
there is no breath in it.”
Psalms 118:19 Open for me the gates of the righteous;
I will enter and give thanks to Jehovah.
20 This is the gate of the Jehovah
through which the righteous may enter.
21 I will give you thanks, for you answered me;
you have become my salvation.
22 The stone the builders rejected
has become the cornerstone;

Jesus described the romans as «dogs», is that description a prove of «love for the enemy»?
No, it is not, but it is a prove that I am right!.
Psalms 22:16 Dogs surround me,
a pack of villains encircles me;
they pierce my hands and my feet.
17 All my bones are on display;
people stare and gloat over me.
18 They divide my clothes among them
and cast lots for my garment.

There are much more lies in the Bible which I have found,
browse my posts, most of them are in Spanish,
as it is my native language for me is much easier to post in Spanish.


What is your chose?

(1) Luke 23:34 And Jesus said: Father, forgive them, because they don’t know what they’re doing. And they divided their clothes among themselves, casting lots.

«Because the Bible has no lies!»


(2) Luke 23:34 And Jesus said: Father, don’t forgive them because they do know what they’re doing. And they divided their clothes among themselves, casting lots.

«Because I completely agree with your reasoning.»


Isaías 61:1 El Espíritu de Jehová está sobre mí, porque me ha ungido Jehová para traer buenas noticias a los justos (la justicia prevalecerá); me ha enviado para vendar a los quebrantados de corazón, https://ai20.me/2021/12/28/jueces-16-la-experiencia-de-sanson-demuestra-que-no-vale-la-pena-amar-a-los-enemigos/ para proclamar libertad a los justos cautivos en mentiras y liberación a los prisioneros en ataduras injustas; https://ai20.me/2021/12/10/la-fe-en-la-libertad-la-liberacion-de-todos-los-predestinados-a-ser-liberados-no-esta-en-duda-se-trata-solo-de-una-cuestion-de-tiempo/ Isaías 42:1 He aquí mi siervo, a quien yo sostengo, https://ai20.me/2020/05/03/mateo-206-alrededor-de-las-cinco-de-la-tarde-salio-y-encontro-a-otros-mas-que-estaban-sin-trabajo-les-pregunto-por-que-han-estado-aqui-desocupados-todo-el-dia-7/ mi escogido, en quien mi alma se complace. He puesto mi Espíritu sobre Él; Él traerá justicia a las naciones. 2 No clamará ni alzará su voz, ni hará oír su voz en la calle. Isaías 42:8 Yo soy Jehová (dice Dios, mi creador), ese es mi nombre; mi gloria a otro no daré, ni mi alabanza a imágenes talladas. 9 He aquí, las cosas anteriores se han cumplido, y yo anuncio cosas nuevas; antes que sucedan, os las anuncio. https://shewillfind.me/2021/11/14/la-escritura-en-la-pared-la-tecnologia-y-el-juicio-final/

Index https://ai20.me/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/the-lista-la-lista-DEC29-2021.xlsx


Trabajo inspirado en el amor al prójimoaunque eso les duela a nuestros odiados enemigos en común: https://dontmissit665019001.files.wordpress.com/2021/11/daniel-7-11-el-juicio-contra-la-bestia.pptx

Isaías 53:10 Sin embargo, el Eterno planeó aplastarlo todo el tiempo, para llevarlo a la pena, este siervo inocente de Dios. Cuando pone su vida en el lugar oscuro del pecado, en el pozo de las malas acciones, Este siervo de Dios verá a sus hijos y prolongará sus días.

Isaías 53:12 Porque él se expuso a sí mismo: descubrió su alma ante el atroz golpe de la muerte.
Y fue contado entre los peores, lo contaré entre los mejores.
(Salmos 109: 28 [Que me] maldigan ellos, pero bendice[me] tú; sean ellos avergonzados, y que se alegre [Miguel] tu siervo.)


Daniel 10:20-21 … el príncipe de Grecia vendrá, te declararé lo que está escrito en los Salmos …

Proverbios 28:26 Él que confía en su propio corazón es un necio, pero el que anda con sabiduría será librado. https://aiderspaceship01wp.files.wordpress.com/2021/07/hay-algo-mas-que-decir-o-agregar-1.docx


https://misrescom.blogspot.com/2021/09/la-calamidad-y-la-salvacion.html https://aiderspaceship01wp.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/hipocresia-catolica.docx https://videos.files.wordpress.com/uDS6SMov/the-return-of-jesus-the-return-of-his-angels_mp4_hd.mp4 https://aiderspaceship01wp.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/these-words-destroys-the-4th-beast-of-daniel-7-prophecy.docx https://aiderspaceship01wp.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/777-victorious-over-666.xlsx


Archivo del blog


Sandra 3l1z4b3th Bazán … se derrumba tu castillo de lo viejo (la vista de tu caída es espectacular desde aquí, un lugar alto del cual no eres digna)

yo nunca olvidaré tu rostro porque siempre lo veré, tu rostro brillará en mi delante … ;

Con la ayuda de Dios (Con la ayuda de Yahvé, con la ayuda de Jehová), Miguel y sus mensajeros envían al infierno a Satanás y a sus mensajeros. ^^ vrserie003 Videos para ver recomendados / Suggested to watch videos: «Ataque anti dragón marino» – Isaías 51:9 ¿No eres tú el que atravesó al dragón? + https://videos.files.wordpress.com/sJVCJ1pp/ataque-anti-dragon-marino_mp4_hd.mp4

+ Explicación a la parábola de la red // the parable of the net – explanation + https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCFiHM20SJE

^ El culto al Sol – Luis Toro miente, la iglesia católica miente, no adora al Dios verdadero!


Cristo fue sacrificado al dios Sol por los adoradores del Sol invictos, los perros romanos, como se los llamó bien en profecías previas a ese asesinato que lo profetizaron, por eso dejaron que los rayos solares lo disequen:

Salmos 22:15 Como un tiesto se secó mi vigor, y mi lengua se pegó a mi paladar, y me has puesto en el polvo de la muerte. 16 porque perros me han rodeado; me ha cercado cuadrilla de injustos; ellos perforaron mis manos y mis pies. 17 tanta sangre he perdido, tan delgado estoy que puedo ver mis huesos; Salmos 69:20-21 Ninguno de ellos tuvo compasión de mi, por lo contrario, en mi agónica sed ellos me dieron de beber vinagre en vez de agua …

Éxodo 20:13 No matarás – Éxodo 21:14 »Quien mate a otra persona con toda intención, será condenado a muerte, aunque busque protección en mi altar. (Considerando Éxodo 21:14 – El verdugo no peca en contra de Éxodo 20:13, pero los romanos que falsificaron los dichos de Cristo y de los demás santos dicen que sí, y de esa forma ellos se han opuesto a un justo castigo para otros asesinos: la pena de muerte – yo enfrento a toda esa mafia religiosa con la verdad y quito las mentiras que se han dicho acerca del mensaje de Cristo y de los otros hombres valientes que entendieron y compartieron su mensaje a favor de la justicia – ):

A la gente se le ha enseñado a adorar a diversas representaciones del Sol, lo que significa que en lo oculto sus líderes religiosos siguen haciendo sacrificios de gente al Sol!.

El camino de la vida y el camino de la muerte - proverbios

No es casualidad que en las huacas, lugares históricamente conocidos por haberse practicado allí sacrificios de inocentes, los monstruos religosos, semejantes a aquellos otros monstruos que sacrificaban a niños, colocase allí también el ídolo que representa el crimen contra los inocentes:


Por eso es que yo he puesto mi mensaje en ese aviso que encontré pegado en Lince, un distrito limeño, pusé sobre el una etiquete con en el QR a mi publicación que dice: «Tú no eres el úngido de Jehová Dios», tú no eres cristo, (eres el dios solar adorado por los pueblos paganos históricamente enemigos de los judíos cuyo Dios es Jehová, el creador del Sol y de todas las demás estrellas:

El pacto con la muerte fracasara


No tendre ninguna misericordia por ti Sandra porque tú no la tuviste conmigo


¿A costa de qué quieren la paz para los suyos, rebeldes?, ¿a costa de hacer prevalecer vuestras calumnias contra los inocentes?, eso no es justo y no se permitirá.!

Mi fidelidad con Mónica fue un golpe para el orgullo de Sandra – El Apocalipsis o la Revelación – ¿Qué es el libro de la vida del Cordero? –



se parecen a las calumnias de Sandra Satanas en mi contra

La escultura de la bestia

«el río de tus lagrimas de dolor riegan los frondosos árboles del bosque del paraíso de justa felicidad porque te hiciste estatua de piedra como las montañas desde donde destilan los manantiales, del río de tus lágrimas yo me rio.»

el rio de tus lagrimas de dolor riegan los frondosos árboles del bosque del paraiso de justa felicidad porque te hiciste estatua de piedra como las montañas desde donde destilan los manantiales.

«la vida en la Tierra es alimentada con las lagrimas de los codiciosos que destruyeron parte de la vida por su codicia y su idolatría

la vida en la Tierra es alimentada con las lagrimas de los codiciosos que destruyeron parte de la vida por su codicia y su idolatría


Gabriel destruye a un dios pagano

deuteronomio 4



Gabirel vence al Demonio - Apocalipsis 12 7-12


https://daniel-chapter-xii.tripod.com/blasfemiasvaticanas.htm – https://ai20.me/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Hipocresia-catolica.docx



Y hay algo más que decir, hay algo más que agregar: https://aiderspaceship01wp.files.wordpress.com/2021/07/hay-algo-mas-que-decir-o-agregar-1.docx


“Feliz” Navidad Satanás (yo ironizo), este regalo te doy por haberme enseñado a amar al enemigo, serpiente!:

X 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 X
1 . w e b . 1
2 / . . . . . . . . . . / . . 2
3 . . . A R . . . 3
4 . . . / °@ . . . . . / . . . . 4
5 . . / . . A L . . . . . 5
6 . . / . / °|° . . / . °|° . °|° . . 6
7 . . / . / . r e . °|° . °|° . . 7
8 . / . / . / . . . °|° . °|° . °|° . 8
9 T g A . * . L E A 9
10 . @ . . # || . . . / / . . / . 10
11 . . . . % n a S . / . / . . 11
12 . . . . . °|° . . . / . . / . . 12
13 . . . . . A T . . / . . 13
14 . . . / . . . . . ^ / . . . 14
15 . . . A Ñ . . . 15
16 °@ . / . . . . . . . . . & . / 16
17 . w e b . 17
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