The nature of Satan and the Roman Empire. – Excerpt # 1

The Roman Empire and the nature of Satan.

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Satan (the slanderer) frequently tells half truths or half lies to make the lie credible in his messages, Adam and Eve died, God had not told them that they would not know good and bad, but that they would die if they did not follow his warning, something that Satan denied, God did not lie, but Satan by making his lie to be believed by telling a truth next to it, killed them, that is why he is called the murderer and the father of false witness against God, and thus also those who arose from one of the two adopted children of the female wolf, they acted as wolves against the sheep and mixed truths told by the righteous (the sheep) with lies of wolves of the Roman empire, and that is the Bible and also the apocrypha, but they said that the authors of everything that the Romans approved were the saints, I don’t believe them.

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