I’m looking for «only I know it.»

I’m looking for «only I know it.»

I have recorded a special dream that I have had and I am going to start narrating it.

I dreamed that I was sitting on a park bench and from the sky a sealed envelope fell into my hands that read:

“Open and read the message”, I opened the envelope and it was written:

«Message from Yahweh: two women will approach you, each of those women will tell you: «give us a mirror», you will only feel attracted to one of them, you do not ask them why they ask you for that, just get in the glass shop closest to your location two mirrors for them and give them to them, but do it today.”

So I thought: «And the money? I suppose the sender already knows that I have the necessary money, what if the mirrors cost more than what I now have in my budget? Or will the money fall from the sky too? »

Immediately afterwards, these two women approached me and each one of them asked me to give her a mirror, telling me this: «Do not question who we are, but we do not know what we are like, we do not know how we see ourselves, we do not know the appearance of our faces, and we received a message from heaven asking us to come to you to ask for mirrors: a mirror for each of us».

So I asked them to wait for me sitting on that same bench where they had found me sitting, and so I went to a glass shop, the closest one, and there were only two square mirrors with sides of 12 cm each, a mirror had the effect of not reflecting clearly and symmetrically, but rather slightly and asymmetrically, and yet another mirror reflected perfectly with total sharpness.

I bought both mirrors.

The key decision:

So I remembered that one of those women was very beautiful, and that I was only attracted to her, but the other woman was not attractive, as was written in the letter that fell from the sky into my hands.

I then had to decide to whom I would give each mirror: I was reasoning with the purpose of making a decision while I was returning with the purchases.

So I decided to give the beautiful woman the mirror that reflected correctly, and give the mirror that reflected distortedly to the woman without grace in her face, because I thought like this: «I do not know the heart of the woman without physical grace, why should I take unnecessary risks?, the letter from heaven did not specify to whom to give a certain type of mirror, although I am not to blame for her face, there is every madman in this world, that it is best to prevent.»

Upon receiving the mirrors each of these women saw themselves:

The woman with no pleasant face appearance said this: «I don’t look bad.»

It is that to tell the truth the effect of the mirror improved the appearance of the reflection of that woman in the mirror, you can imagine how she really looked, that woman left the place, and then I was left alone with the other woman: the beautiful woman (my strategy worked).

The beautiful woman saw herself in the mirror that reflected her clearly and then she said to me: «Thank you, what is your name?»

I replied:

«My name is José Galindo, and I am the one who helped you get to know yourself better! Would you marry me? I understand that you have not married and that you like me too, I have not yet married and I want to do it with you, although I still don’t know your name! What’s your name?».


She replied: «.. (only I know it)…………».