«A now Luz Victoria, let’s join our people and let’s get the heck out of this doomed place with our UFO, but before we go, let me say «sayonara» to my enemy Shemihaza who has been crucified with his accomplices.» // Some didactive images and scripts – List of some publications & videos in English (UFO ai20.me)

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Daniel 8:25 : Bible vs. «AI20.ME» – John 3:16 «God so loved the world (the unjust)» (One of the many Roman lies in the Bible) vs. God loved the righteous so much that he gave them the faith of Zion for them to survive. (One of the truths of Judaism in the Bible Habakkuk 2:4-20, Psalms 110:1-6, Genesis 12:1-3, Psalms 11:4-7, Psalms 118:5-25, Psalms 5:1- 12)).


+ https://aiderspaceship01wp.files.wordpress.com/2022/09/empieza-a-sufrir-proverbios-11-9-explicacion-y-cumplimiento.docx



+ https://ai20.me/2022/09/18/que-lo-sufra-sodoma-que-lo-sufra-sandra-bazan-que-los-sufra-el-papa-francisco-bergoglio-jehova-victoria-nuestra-jehova-justicia-nuestra-jeremias-3316-en-aquellos-dias-juda-sera-salvo-y-jerusale/


Revelation 12:9-12 With the Internet and a blog (ai20.me) (Isaiah 42:1-4), it rains the truth from heaven (Deuteronomy 32:1-3), and this burns the hypocritical Vatican clergy who manages a Bible with lies from the Romans who preceded them, as the fire burned the other sodomites in Sodom and so this fact burns that clergy of idolaters (Jeremiah 23:29, Psalms 118:5-25, Revelation 20: 7-10, Hosea 6:2-3, Genesis 19:16-29, Psalm 11:6-7).




«A now Luz Victoria, let’s join our people and let’s get the heck out of this doomed place with our UFO»

«But before we go, let me say «sayonara» to my enemy Shemihaza who has been crucified with his accomplices.»


«Thanks» for «loving» your righteous enemy, Satan!, you will preach with the example and you will suffer the pain for your righteous enemies, yes, you and your friends will suffer the pain for them…


My eagles are hungry, and they eat reptile meat, Satan, only in your Greek myths are you saved from that punishment, Satan, your myths like the resurrection on the third day, hahahaha.

By the way, I was forgetting the dedication to Sandra Bazán, the inspiration, the woman who caused me to investigate this, although that was not her intentionUnhappy birthday Sandra Elizabeth. : And now, you already know who I am.)

Por cierto, olvidaba la dedicatoria a Sandra Bazán, la inspiración, la mujer que causó que investigue sobre esto, aunque esa no era su intención:

Infeliz cumpleaños Sandra Elizabeth. : Y ahora, tú ya sabes quién soy.


«Un poco más de altura para que la fuerza de la gravedad haga aún más añicos la escultura de esa deidad femenina arrogante…» («A little more height so that the force of gravity will shatter the sculpture of that arrogant female deity even more…»)

I do what they would do (Revelation 12:7), I fight against false testimonies against God, and the Bible includes those false testimonies, that’s why Revelation 12:9 says what it says: the Bible is part of that worldwide deception. – With these words: «Revelation 22:18 I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will bring on him the plagues that are written in this book. 19 And if anyone take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the book of life, and from the holy city and from the things that are written in this book.» John was not referring to the Bible, the Bible did not exist , John was referring to the true gospel that consisted in cursing the enemies, not in blessing them as the lie affirms in Matthew 5:38-48, precisely for this reason is that he curses those who he knew would adulterate the words even of the book of that book that he wrote, however no lie has solidity, no saint died feeling love for their enemies who murdered them, this passage evidences it: Revelation 6:10 And they cried out loud saying: How long, Lord, Holy and True, do not judge and come our saint gre of those who dwell on earth?. God is also vengeful, and that passage makes it clear: Revelation 16:5 And I heard the angel of the waters, saying: You are just, O Lord, the one who is and who was, the Holy One, because you have judged these things . 6 Because they shed the blood of the saints and of the prophets, you also gave them blood to drink; well they deserve it. 7 Also I heard another, who from the altar said: Surely, Lord God Almighty, your judgments are true and just. Love for enemies based on a God who loves his enemies is part of the Roman lies in the gospel. – https://ai20.me/2022/09/23/mi-amigo-el-anciano-de-dias-mi-amigo-el-conocimiento-daniel-722-hasta-que-vino-el-anciano-de-dias-y-se-dio-el-juicio-a-los-santos-del-altisimo-y-llego-el-tiempo-y-los-santos-recibieron-el-reino/
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With these words «Galatians 1:6-8 But if even we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed.» Saint Paul was referring to his Roman persecutors who would later assassinate him by beheading him to destroy the gospel he preached and announce a different one, one reflected in the Roman Bible, to which they converted so as not to change their invading behavior at all. «The successors of those wicked invaders preach nonsense from the Roman empire transformed into the empire of false religion: These hypocrites who adore a creature that looks like the Greek Baal Zeus: «their only and sufficient savior» know that the eternal day is coming, time of the eternal dominion of light, in which no slander will prosper, they base their affirmations on a gospel falsified by the Romans in the Bible, but the truths of Judaism in the Bible refute these incoherent: Isaiah 3:10 Tell the righteous that it will be well with him, for he will eat the fruits of his hands. 11 Woe to the wicked! It will go badly for him, because according to the works of his hands he will be repaid. (I have filmed the message of one of them). Scan the QR at the bottom right of this image [(In Spanish): https://ai20.me/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Apocalipsis-anti-fraude-Mi-campana-anti-hipocrita-romano.jpg ] Those stupid say that they can do bad deeds but that it is enough for them to say that they accept a long-haired man who looks like a Greek god, as «their only lord and sufficient savior» to to be free from God’s punishment, in turn, they affirm that if a person does righteous deeds but does not accept that long-haired man as «his only lord and sufficient savior» he is under the wrath of God, which god? , that false God must be Lucifer indignant with those who do not worship him, but the righteous do not worship or accept any creature as sufficient savior, but only the Creator of the Universe Jehovah! Hosea 13:4 They will worship no other Savior than Jehovah. – https://ai20.me/list-of-publications-in-english-ufo-ai20-me/


Yo hago lo que ellos harían (Apocalipsis 12:7), lucho contra los falsos testimonios contra Dios, y la Biblia incluye esos falsos testimonios, por eso Apocalipsis 12:9 dice lo que dice: la Biblia es parte de ese engaño mundial. https://ai20.me/2022/08/27/de-todas-las-religiones-del-mundo-como-saber-cual-es-la-verdadera-religion-apocalipsis-129-indica-que-satanas-engana-al-mundo-entero-con-las-religiones-idolatras/ – Con estas palabras: «Apocalipsis 22:18 Yo testifico a todo aquel que oye las palabras de la profecía de este libro: Si alguno añadiere a estas cosas, Dios traerá sobre él las plagas que están escritas en este libro. 19 Y si alguno quitare de las palabras del libro de esta profecía, Dios quitará su parte del libro de la vida, y de la santa ciudad y de las cosas que están escritas en este libro. » ,Juan no se refería a la Biblia, la Biblia no existía, Juan se refería al verdadero evangelio que consistía en maldecir a los enemigos, no en bendecirlos como lo afirma la mentira en Mateo 4:38-48, precisamente por ello es que el maldice a los que el sabía que iban a adulterar las palabras incluso del libro de ese libro que el escribía, sin embargo ninguna mentira tiene solidez, ningún santo murió sintiendo amor por sus enemigos que los asesinaron, este pasaje lo evidencia: Apocalipsis 6:10 Y clamaban a alta voz diciendo: ¿Hasta cuándo, Señor, Santo y Verdadero, no juzgas y vengas nuestra sangre de los que moran en la tierra?.  Dios es además vengativo, y ese pasaje lo deja en claro: Apocalipsis 16:5 Y oí al ángel de las aguas, que decía: Justo eres tú, oh Señor, el que eres y que eras, el Santo, porque has juzgado estas cosas. 6 Por cuanto derramaron la sangre de los santos y de los profetas, también tú les has dado a beber sangre; pues lo merecen. 7 También oí a otro, que desde el altar decía: Ciertamente, Señor Dios Todopoderoso, tus juicios son verdaderos y justos. El amor por los enemigos en base a un Dios que ama a sus enemigos es parte de las mentiras romanas en el evangelio. https://ai20.me/2022/09/23/mi-amigo-el-anciano-de-dias-mi-amigo-el-conocimiento-daniel-722-hasta-que-vino-el-anciano-de-dias-y-se-dio-el-juicio-a-los-santos-del-altisimo-y-llego-el-tiempo-y-los-santos-recibieron-el-reino/
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Con estás palabras «Gálatas 1:6-8 Mas si aun nosotros, o un ángel del cielo, os anunciare otro evangelio diferente del que os hemos anunciado, sea anatema.» , San Pablo se refería a sus perseguidores romanos que después lo asesinarían decapitándolo para destruir el evangelio que el predicaba y anunciar uno diferente, uno reflejado en la Biblia de los romanos, a la cual se convirtieron para no cambiar en lo absoluto su conducta invasora. https://shewillfind.me/2022/09/09/con-estas-palabras-galatas-16-8-mas-si-aun-nosotros-o-un-angel-del-cielo-os-anunciare-otro-evangelio-diferente-del-que-os-hemos-anunciado-sea-anatema-san-pablo-se-referia-a-sus-perseguidore/ «Los sucesores de esos malvados invasores predican estupideces del imperio romano transformado en el imperio de la falsa religión:

Estos hipócritas que adoran a una criatura de aspecto del Baal griego Zeus: «su único y suficiente salvador» saben que se viene el día eterno, tiempo del dominio eterno de la luz, en el cual ninguna calumnia prosperará, ellos basan sus afirmaciones en un evangelio falsificado por los romanos en la Biblia, pero las verdades del judaísmo en la Biblia desmienten a estos incoherentes: Isaías 3:10 Decid al justo que le irá bien, porque comerá de los frutos de sus manos. 11 ¡Ay del impío! Mal le irá, porque según las obras de sus manos le será pagado. (He filmado el mensaje de uno de ellos). Escanea el QR abajo a la derecha en esta imagen: Esos imbéciles dicen que ellos pueden hacer malas obras pero que les basta decir que aceptan a un hombre de cabello largo con aspecto de dios griego, como «a su único señor y suficiente salvador» para estar libres del castigo de Dios, a su vez, ellos afirman que si una persona hace obras justas pero no acepta a ese hombre de cabello largo como a «su único señor y suficiente salvador» está bajo la ira de Dios, ¿Cuál dios?, ese falso Dios debe ser Lucifer indignado con quienes no lo adoran, pero los justos no adoramos ni aceptamos como suficiente salvador a criatura alguna, sino solo al Creador del Universo Jehová! Oseas 13:4 No adorarán a otro Salvador que no sea Jehová. https://ai20.me/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Apocalipsis-anti-fraude-Mi-campana-anti-hipocrita-romano.jpg

Firmado: Gabriel, el ángel del cielo que predica un evangelio distinto al falso de los hipócritas romanos. (Signed: Gabriel, the angel from heaven who preaches a gospel other than the false one of the Roman hypocrites.)

Gabriel, el que va por el sendero luminoso con su hoz y su martillo : sus palabras, para golpear con ellas a los hipócritas: a los infieles (Isaías 11:1-5, Salmos 2:1-8). ( Gabriel, the one who goes along the luminous path with his sickle and his hammer: his words, to hit the hypocrites with them: the infidels (Isaiah 11: 1-5, Psalms 2: 1-8). )

«Luz Victoria, déjame contarte mi hazaña, fue tan fácil luchar contra el Diablo y vencerlo que parecía que yo no luchaba contra nadie ni yo le ganaba a nadie, salvo que yo luchaba contra las calumnias de hipócritas resentidos porque yo pude dejar de practicar sus prácticas idólatras mientras que la naturaleza de ellos se los impedía, entre ellos yo era como un humano que andaba encorvado por imitación, por andar con simios, pero cuando mi humano padre me rescató, solo yo pude ponerme derecho, entonces los simios me arrojaron sus plátanos, pero yo les he vencido, fue grave error de ellos atentar contra su superior.» ( «Luz Victoria, let me tell you about my feat, it was so easy to fight against the Devil and defeat him that it seemed that I was not fighting against anyone nor was I beating anyone, except that I was fighting against the slanders of resentful hypocrites because I was able to stop practicing their idolatrous practices while their nature did not allow them to stop too, among them I was like a human who was bent over by imitation, for walking with apes, but when my human father rescued me, only I could stand up straight, then the apes threw their bananas, but I have defeated them, it was a serious mistake for them to attack their superior.» )

Ord. tipo Asunto: https://aiderspaceship01wp.files.wordpress.com/2022/06/folios-judiciales.docxhttps://dontmissit665019001.files.wordpress.com/2022/07/matematicas.docxhttps://aiderspaceship01wp.files.wordpress.com/2022/06/mi-matrimonio-es-asunto-de-tiempo-felices-los-invitados-a-casarse-como-se-casara-el-cordero.docx Enlace: La publicación en blog incluye su fecha en URL, pagina no incluye fecha. – https://dontmissit665019001.files.wordpress.com/2022/07/matematicas-del-apocalipsis-salmos-118-20-bienaventurado-el-que-llegue-a-1-3-3-5-12-12000-daniel1212-144-144000-1.xlsx – – https://dontmissit665019001.files.wordpress.com/2022/08/ahora-ya-sabes-quien-soy.docxhttps://dontmissit665019001.files.wordpress.com/2022/09/dedicatoria-a-mi-padre-en-el-cielo.docx Fecha https://dontmissit665019001.files.wordpress.com/2022/07/matematicas.docx
1108 Inglés The cross I made and cross the Vatican made. In the cross I made I explain the good news for the righteous people, but, what can you learn from the cross the Vatican made?, What does it teach you?. https://ai20.me/2022/09/07/the-cross-i-made-and-cross-the-vatican-made-in-the-cross-i-made-i-explain-the-good-news-for-the-righteous-people-but-what-can-you-learn-from-the-cross-the-vatican-made-what-does-it-teach-you/ 7/09/2022
1107 Inglés The Roman empire never converted to the faith of Christ, it was always his enemy and enemy of his God Yahweh, and what remains of its transformation, the remnant of that empire, still is. https://ai20.me/2022/09/06/the-roman-empire-never-converted-to-the-faith-of-christ-it-was-always-his-enemy-and-enemy-of-his-god-yahweh-and-what-remains-of-it-transformation-the-remnant-of-that-empire-still-is/ 6/09/2022
1096 Inglés Why did God let Jesus die on the cross?, why did jesus die on the cross?, The reasons Jesus died on the cross. The religious successors of the thieves of the Roman empire who murdered Jesus and the other saints, they are not going to explain this to you because their Bibles have lies from the Roman Empire that I denounce. https://ai20.me/2022/08/21/why-did-god-let-jesus-die-on-the-cross/ 21/08/2022
1095 Inglés ¿Qué es el amor propio?, ¿Qué es la autoestima?, un ejemplo de amor propio: Esta es mi autoestima, este es mi amor propio, este es mi amor por la verdadera justicia, la perpetua. What is self-love? What is self-esteem? An example of self-love: This is my self-esteem, this is my self-love, this is my love for true justice, perpetual justice. https://ai20.me/2022/08/17/que-es-el-amor-propio-que-es-la-autoestima-un-ejemplo-de-amor-propio-esta-es-mi-autoestima-este-es-mi-amor-propio-este-es-mi-amor-por-la-verdadera-justicia-la-perpetua-what-is-sel/ 17/08/2022
1094 Inglés Here I explain, as Pope Francis cannot, the coherence between being an enemy of death and at the same time being in favor of the death penalty applied justly (Example reference Exodus 21:14) // Aquí explico, como no puede hacerlo el Papa Francisco, la coherencia entre ser un enemigo de la muerte y a la vez estar a favor de la pena de muerte aplicada con justicia (Referencia de ejemplo Exodo 21:14) // The last enemy to be destroyed is death. El último enemigo a destruir es la muerte. https://ai20.me/2022/08/16/the-last-enemy-to-be-destroyed-is-death/ 17/08/2022
1093 Inglés Justice seeker, learn by free what I found out at: http://www.ai20.me, the scammers wish your ignorance about this, it is difficult for this to appear on television… Psalms 110, Isaiah 11 : The judgment day is a number of days for words to be written and read, the words of the righteous judgment., Daniel 7:26 But the righteous judge will sit to judge, and the slanderer dominion will be taken from him, that he may be destroyed and ruined to the end so that the kingdom, and the dominion and the majesty of the kingdoms under all heaven become for the people of the saints of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions will serve and obey him. https://ai20.me/2022/08/15/justice-seeker-learn-by-free-what-i-found-out-at-www-ai20-me-the-scammers-wish-your-ignorance-about-this-it-is-difficult-for-this-to-appear-on-television/ 15/08/2022
1092 Inglés 1- The blessed seekers of justice – Psalms 118:19-22, Psalms 110, Isaiah 11 : The judgment day is number of days for words to be written and read, the words of the righteous judgement., https://shewillfind.me/2022/08/15/2-the-blessed-seekers-of-justice-psalms-11819-22/ 15/08/2022
1091 Inglés Psalms 118:14, Psalms 18:13, Psalms 58:10 Gabriel will find the justice he seeks. Psalms 110, Isaiah 11 : The judgment day is number of days for words to be written and read, the words of the righteous judgement. https://shewillfind.me/2022/08/15/2-the-blessed-seekers-of-justice-psalms-11819-22/ 15/08/2022
1090 Inglés 1 – The revelation of the everlasting kingdom – Daniel 2:44 https://revelation1919.wordpress.com/2022/08/15/1-the-revelation-of-the-everlasting-kingdom-daniel-244/ 15/08/2022
1076 Inglés Minting coins with your face won’t take that idiotic expression off your face. An idiot will always be that no matter how many lies denying that he is an idiot are said about that idiot, or how many say them. https://ai20.me/2022/08/04/minting-coins-with-your-face-wont-take-that-idiotic-expression-off-your-face-an-idiot-will-always-be-that-no-matter-how-many-lies-denying-that-he-is-an-idiot-are-said-about-that-idiot-or-how-many/ 1/08/2022
1063 Inglés Daniel 12:1-3, El tiempo del fin es cuando existe la Internet y yo me levanto para defenderme de los que me calumnian: El Diablo y sus ángeles, ellos calumnian contra los justos precisamente porque son “El calumniador” y “sus voceros”. El fin de la historia es cuando me levanto para defenderme de los que me calumnian. Algebra 133 #CIUVFFY, Si W+28=74 entonces W=46 https://ai20.me/2022/07/26/daniel-121-3-el-tiempo-del-fin-es-cuando-existe-la-internet-y-yo-me-levanto-para-defenderme-de-los-que-me-calumnian-el-diablo-y-sus-angeles-ellos-calumnian-contra-los-justos-precisamente-porque-so-9/ 26/07/2022
1062 Inglés There was performed a math operation to solve the algebraic expression 92, If y/6=3.281 then y=19.686, CECOY, UNOWATA , Daniel 7:27 and that the kingdom, and the dominion and the majesty of the kingdoms under all heaven, be given to the people of the saints of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions will serve and obey him. https://gabriels.work/2022/07/26/there-was-performed-a-math-operation-to-solve-the-algebraic-expression-92-if-y-63-281-then-y19-686-cecoy-unowata-daniel-727-and-that-the-kingdom-and-the-dominion-and-the-majesty-of-the-kingdo/ 26/07/2022
1059 Inglés Daniel 7:26 But the Judge will sit, and his dominion will be taken from him, that he may be destroyed and ruined to the end, 27 and that the kingdom, and the dominion and the majesty of the kingdoms under all heaven, be given to the people of the saints of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions will serve and obey him. https://ai20.me/2022/07/24/90851/ 24/07/2022
1058 Inglés The fictional story: The soldier, his army, his president and the war declared by his president. http://gabriels.work/2022/07/23/the-fictional-story-the-soldier-his-army-his-president-and-the-war-declared-by-his-president/ 23/07/2022
984 Inglés Beware: There are truths in many verses of the Bible and the apocrypha, but there are also horrible lies and half-truths, I rescue some messages from these groups of texts that I consider reliable. I am not complicit or responsible for the placement of unfaithful Roman lies to the faithful Jewish gospel. (Daniel 8:12). My war and the armies of the beast. (Exodus 20:5, 2 Peter 2:12, Revelation 18:4 (Jeremiah 51:45 (Revelation 14:9)). https://ai20.me/2022/05/19/my-war/ 20/05/2022
983 Inglés Daniel 2:44, Revelation 7:4 – The 144K Leaving End times Sodom (The whole earth) // Revelation 7:4 (Matthew 24:31) – Hosea 6:2 (Revelation 20:4) – Matthew 24:31 – Daniel 12:2 (Jeremiah 20:11) – Isaiah 42:3 (Psalm 118:17) – – Código EAZOW Serie N° 227 // Mission: leaving the earth with the chosen people. – (Misión: Saliendo de la tierra con las personas escogidas.) https://ai20.me/2022/05/19/psalmen-145-hab-219-codigo-eazow-serie-n-227-mission-leaving-the-earth-with-the-chosen-people-mision-saliendo-de-la-tierra-con-las-personas-escogidas/ 19/05/2022
977 Inglés Isaiah 2:17 The haughtiness of man will be brought low, and the pride of men will be humbled; and Jehovah alone will be exalted in that day. 18 And he will completely remove the idols. 19 And they will go into the caverns of the rocks and into the openings of the earth, because of the fearful presence of Yahweh, and because of the brightness of his majesty, when he rises up to punish the earth. https://ai20.me/2022/05/11/isaiah-217-the-haughtiness-of-man-will-be-brought-low-and-the-pride-of-men-will-be-humbled-and-jehovah-alone-will-be-exalted-in-that-day-18-and-he-will-completely-remove-the-idols-19-and-they-wil/ 11/05/2022
972 Inglés Hebrews 9:27 and the resurrection of Lazarus // Have anyone seen Lazarus?, Is Lazarus hidding himself from people? //They have their messages, they have Moses and the prophets, but they still prefer to kiss images and statues. https://ai20.me/2022/05/09/hebrews-927-and-the-resurrection-of-lazarus-have-any-one-seen-lazarus-is-lazarus-hidding-himself-from-people-they-have-their-messages-the-have-moses-and-the-prophets-but-they-still-prefer-t/ 9/05/2022
971 Inglés That woman will believe my message and will trust me, unlike Monica, she will join me the way Yahweh is pleased, unlike Monica Huancahuari. https://shewillfind.me/2022/05/08/that-woman-will-believe-my-message-and-will-trust-me-unlike-monica-she-will-join-me-the-way-yahweh-is-pleased-unlike-monica-huancahuari/ 8/05/2022
970 Inglés She will find my work and she will perfectly understand me, unlike Sandra Bazan. https://gabriels.work/2022/05/08/she-will-find-my-work-and-she-will-perfectly-understand-me-unlike-sandra-bazan/ 8/05/2022
969 Inglés «Think eagle.», «While the war lasts.» https://ai20.me/2022/05/08/think-eagle-while-the-war-lasts/ 8/05/2022
959 Inglés She will also find me and I will find her. A mis enemigos los encontrará su dios y ellos encontrarán a su dios. Word composition p(1)+p(1)+p(1) +WC p(2) -> word: FUEXO // Composición de palabras p(1)+p(1)+p(1) +CP p(2) -> Palabra FUEXO https://ai20.me/2022/04/27/word-composition-p1p1p1-wc-p2-word-fuexo/ 27/04/2022
932 Index Relación de mis canales en Youtube https://shewillfind.me/2022/03/24/relacion-de-mis-canales-en-youtube/ 24/03/2022
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915 Inglés I disagree with many things in the Bible, because it is the version of the facts presented by the Roman empire https://ai20.me/2022/03/17/i-disagree-with-many-things-in-the-bible-because-it-is-the-version-of-the-facts-presented-by-the-roman-empire/ 17/03/2022
896 Inglés The clearest evidence that we are in the time of the end is the existence of the Internet, only through this technology is it possible for the prophecy in Isaiah 42 to be fulfilled. https://ai20.me/2022/03/10/the-clearest-evidence-that-we-are-in-the-time-of-the-end-is-the-existence-of-the-internet-only-through-this-technology-is-it-possible-for-the-prophecy-in-isaiah-42-to-be-fulfilled/ 10/03/2022
876 Inglés What is this blog?. https://ai20.me/2022/03/03/what-is-this-blog/ 3/03/2022
871 Inglés The God who does exist is the just and vengeful God who is on behalf of the righteous https://ai20.me/2022/02/28/the-god-who-does-exist/ 28/02/2022
860 Inglés In a war you can not love your ally of war and your enemy of war at the same time. Are you a traitor to both sides?. https://ai20.me/2022/02/27/in-a-war-you-can-not-love-your-ally-of-war-and-your-enemy-of-war-at-the-same-time-are-you-a-traitor-to-both-sides/ 27/02/2022
859 Inglés The non-anonymous heroes from light forces. https://ai20.me/2022/02/27/the-non-anonymous-heroes-from-light-forces/ 27/02/2022
848 Inglés The new word order: Every person who is honorable and tries to save his life will save it. https://ai20.me/2022/02/25/the-new-word-order-every-person-who-is-honorable-and-tries-to-save-his-life-will-save-it/ 25/02/2022
841 Inglés Another book was opened, which is the book of life. – Part II https://antitroyano.wordpress.com/2022/02/19/another-book-was-opened-which-is-the-book-of-life-part-ii/ 19/02/2022
840 Inglés Another book was opened, which is the book of life. (Part I) https://antitroyano.wordpress.com/2022/02/19/another-book-was-opened-which-is-the-book-of-life/ 19/02/2022
837 Inglés Revelation 12:7 Battles in Cyberspace February 8, 2022 https://revelation1919.wordpress.com/2022/02/08/revelation-127-battles-in-cyberspace-february-8-2022/ 8/02/2022
828 Inglés My feud with Cupid https://revelation1919.wordpress.com/2022/02/07/in-this-street/ 7/02/2022
826 Inglés Another book was opened, which is the book of life. https://ai20.me/2022/02/19/another-book-was-opened-which-is-the-book-of-life/ 19/02/2022
825 Inglés There is an intense campaign of religious trolls and hypocritical youtubers who have no coherence in what they say https://ai20.me/2022/02/19/there-is-an-intense-campaign-of-religious-trolls-and-hypocritical-youtubers-who-have-no-coherence-in-what-they-sayw/ 19/02/2022
821 Inglés “… and there hath been a time of distress, such as hath not been since there hath been a nation till that time..” https://ai20.me/2022/02/14/and-there-hath-been-a-time-of-distress-such-as-hath-not-been-since-there-hath-been-a-nation-till-that-time/ 14/02/2022
805 Inglés The prophecy: His flesh will be more tender than that of a child, he will return to the days of his youth. https://ai20.me/2022/01/31/the-prophecy-his-flesh-will-be-more-tender-than-that-of-a-child-he-will-return-to-the-days-of-his-youth/ 31/01/2022
799 Inglés The difference between the murderer and the vigilante. https://ai20.me/2022/01/29/the-difference-between-the-murderer-and-the-vigilante/ 29/01/2022
792 Inglés It is as if a colosseum with a capacity of 144,000 spectators in the stands only had 2 people in the stands https://ai20.me/2022/01/25/it-is-as-if-a-colosseum-with-a-capacity-of-144000-spectators-in-the-stands-only-had-2-people-in-the-stands/ 25/01/2022
790 Index Lista de videos de Youtube https://ai20.me/2022/01/24/lista-de-videos-de-yotube/ 24/01/2022
787 Inglés Because knowing you the falsehood of your accusations against me, you, without repenting or apologizing to me, have dedicated yourself to bearing false witness against me and with arrogance you have boasted of your injustices against me. https://ai20.me/2022/01/21/because-knowing-you-the-falsehood-of-your-accusations-against-me-you-without-repenting-or-apologizing-to-me-have-dedicated-yourself-to-bearing-false-witness-against-me-and-with-arrogance-you-have-b/ 21/01/2022
782 Inglés I’m looking for “only I know it.” https://ai20.me/2022/01/21/im-looking-for-only-i-know-it/ 21/01/2022
762 Inglés Pope Francis, I criticize your church, but the friend of the Devil is you. https://ai20.me/2022/01/16/pope-francis-i-critize-your-church-but-the-friend-of-the-devil-is-you/ 16/01/2022
760 Inglés If life on this planet’s days were numbered and God entrusted you with choosing the people who would inhabit a distant planet similar to Earth but younger and healthier than Earth, what kind of people you would not choose? https://ai20.me/2022/01/15/if-life-on-this-planets-days-were-numbered-and-god-entrusted-you-with-choosing-the-people-who-would-inhabit-a-distant-planet-similar-to-earth-but-younger-and-healthier-than-earth-what-kind-of-peopl/ 15/01/2022
752 Inglés The feelings of the saints for those who murdered them. https://ai20.me/2022/01/14/the-feelings-of-the-saints-for-those-who-murdered-them/ 14/01/2022
740 Inglés To judge and to convict. https://ai20.me/2022/01/14/to-judge-and-to-convict/ 14/01/2022
728 Inglés Do you believe these things?: The Prophecies of Rejuvenation and Immortality. https://elapocalipsisdegabriel.wordpress.com/2022/01/10/do-you-believe-these-things-the-prophecies-of-rejuvenation-and-immortality/ 10/01/2022
718 Inglés The interests of Jesus vs. the interests of the Roman Empire – Excerpt 2 https://ai20.me/2022/01/03/the-interests-of-jesus-vs-the-interests-of-the-roman-empire-excerpt-2/ 3/01/2022
694 Inglés The nature of Satan and the Roman Empire. – Excerpt # 1 https://ai20.me/2022/01/02/the-nature-of-satan-the-roman-empire-excerpt-1/ 2/01/2022
692 Inglés The oath – Daniel 12:7 https://shewillfind.me/2021/12/31/the-oath-daniel-127/ 31/12/2021
689 Inglés Father, don’t forgive them because they do know what they’re doing. https://ai20.me/2021/12/29/father-dont-forgive-them-because-they-do-know-what-theyre-doing/ 29/12/2021
666 Inglés A poisonous serpent wanted to eat, it needed a made a trap to get a victim, to prepare a deceithful message to provide its victim an apple with its poison, and the serpent’s message to its potential victim was: «I am not dangerous, nothing that God has made is bad or must be rejected if by the use of kind words you transform them, they have said to you I have bad behaviour precedents but I have changed so trust me and trust my apple (trust 1 Timoty 4:4-5 and discard Psalms 58:3-6 and trust Luke 15:7 and discard Daniel 12:10)!». If you are one of those who say that you can eat pork based on words presented as God’s words spoken by faithful men, but which are actually adulterated words by an empire of pork eaters, do not say that you are godbrother of those who for refusing to eat pork were martyred by those who followed Greek traditions such as the cult of sculptures and the consumption of pork. (2 Maccabees 7, Deuteronomy 14:3-21, Isaiah 65:2-5, Daniel 1:8) https://ai20.me/2021/12/16/the-serpents-message-to-its-potential-victim/ 16/12/2021
656 Inglés The forged message to confuse the aliens. (El mensaje falsificado para confudir a los alienígenas.) https://ai20.me/2021/12/05/the-forged-message-to-confuse-the-aliens/ 5/12/2021
639 Inglés God is upset with the beast. (there will be more women than men because many are the men who have not behaved like real men, they have behaved cowardly) https://vacacionesenelcielo.wordpress.com/2021/11/28/god-is-upset-with-the-beast/ 28/11/2021
638 Inglés The angel on the cloud. https://vacacionesenelcielo.wordpress.com/2021/11/28/the-angel-on-the-cloud/ 28/11/2021
629 Inglés Preventing my neighbor is like preventing myself, and I am going to warn my neighbor even if it displeases my neighbor’s enemies. https://gabriels.work/2021/11/24/preventing-my-neighbor-is-like-preventing-myself-and-i-am-going-to-prevent-it-even-if-it-displeases-my-neighbors-enemies/ 24/11/2021
617 Inglés End times: The final judgment and technology https://ai20.me/2021/11/14/end-times-final-judgement-and-techology/ 14/11/2021
615 Inglés “Without graceful women of beauty and humility, heaven would not be heaven!” https://shewillfind.me/2021/11/12/without-graceful-women-of-beauty-and-humility-heaven-would-not-be-heaven/ 12/11/2021
609 Inglés “Without graceful women of beauty and humility, heaven would not be heaven!” https://shewillfind.me/2021/11/12/without-graceful-women-of-beauty-and-humility-heaven-would-not-be-heaven/ 12/11/2021
608 Inglés Matthew 24:27 The explanation: “The coming of Christ is manifested at lightning speed, from one corner of the planet to the other.” https://gabriels.work/2021/11/12/matthew-2427-the-explanation-the-coming-of-christ-is-manifested-at-lightning-speed-from-one-corner-of-the-planet-to-the-other/ 12/11/2021
597 Inglés This was the message that I announced on November 5, 2021, God heard my prayers and the content could be restored the next day, my content “rose from the dead and ascended to heaven in a cloud on the second day.” https://shewillfind.me/2021/11/08/this-was-the-message-that-i-announced-on-november-5-2021-god-heard-my-prayers-and-the-content-could-be-restored-the-next-day-my-content-rose-from-the-dead-and-ascended-to-heaven-in-a-cloud-on-the/ 8/11/2021
592 Inglés They ask the false prophet, “When will the kingdom of God come?” and the false prophet replies, “The day the pigs fly.” https://shewillfind.me/2021/11/07/they-ask-the-false-prophet-when-will-the-kingdom-of-god-come-and-the-false-prophet-replies-the-day-the-pigs-fly/ 7/11/2021
587 Inglés Why dare they say that God would ever have a last prophet? Has God lost the power and the will to communicate with humanity through prophets?. https://ai20.me/2021/11/04/why-dare-they-say-that-god-would-ever-have-a-last-prophet-has-god-lost-the-power-and-the-will-to-communicate-with-humanity-through-prophets/ 4/11/2021
585 Inglés More dangerous than any animal is man who is greedy for precious metals, because of that greed he destroys the habitat. https://ai20.me/2021/11/04/more-dangerous-than-any-animal-is-man-who-is-greedy-for-precious-metals-because-of-that-greed-he-destroys-the-habitat/ 4/11/2021
574 Inglés “imperfect marble found” https://ai20.me/2021/11/01/imperfect-marble-found/ 1/11/2021
572 Inglés If you’re going to use a rope to pull something, I suggest you wear industrial gloves. https://ai20.me/2021/10/31/if-youre-going-to-use-a-rope-to-pull-something-i-suggest-you-wear-industrial-gloves/ 31/10/2021
567 Inglés In order not to wake up from a pleasant sleep so quickly, I would follow something more or less inverse to the guidelines that have worked for me to wake up quickly from a nightmare https://ai20.me/2021/10/31/in-order-not-to-wake-up-from-a-pleasant-sleep-so-quickly-i-would-follow-something-more-or-less-inverse-to-the-guidelines-that-have-worked-for-me-to-wake-up-quickly-from-a-nightmare/ 31/10/2021
561 Inglés Why are there premonitory dreams? https://ai20.me/2021/10/31/why-are-there-premonitory-dreams/ 31/10/2021
559 Inglés How to wake up quickly from a nightmare? https://ai20.me/2021/10/31/how-to-wake-up-quickly-from-a-nightmare/ 31/10/2021
557 inglés And you have disguised yourself as a Greek god? Because that is how you look, that is not what a Jewish god, or a loyal king of the Jews, looks like. https://ai20.me/2021/10/30/and-have-you-disguised-yourself-as-a-greek-god-because-thats-how-you-look-thats-not-what-a-loyal-jewish-god-or-king-of-the-jews-looks-like/ 30/10/2021
550 Inglés There is a saying that says: “The victors write history”, and there is another saying that says: “All roads lead to Rome” https://ai20.me/2021/10/28/there-is-a-saying-that-says-the-victors-write-history-and-there-is-another-saying-that-says-all-roads-lead-to-rome/ 28/10/2021
540 Inglés I do not need to be too explicit because I do not address a stupid audience with affection, but I address the wise with affection. https://shewillfind.me/2021/10/26/873/ 26/10/2021
531 Inglés The other day while I was consuming walnuts I remembered a horror movie and I meditated on this. https://ai20.me/2021/10/25/the-other-day-while-i-was-consuming-walnuts-i-remembered-a-horror-movie-and-i-meditated-on-this/ 25/10/2021
524 Inglés The cat and the street security fence. https://ai20.me/2021/10/24/the-cat-and-the-street-security-fence/ 24/10/2021
523 Inglés My testimony of faith: why did I change my diet? https://ai20.me/2021/10/24/my-testimony-of-faith-why-did-i-change-my-diet/ 24/10/2021
517 Inglés I do not believe in everything that is written in the Bible nor do I discard everything that is written in the Apocrypha. // If you are going to make a decision, try to be as well informed as possible, you better ask questions and do not assume. https://ai20.me/2021/10/22/i-do-not-believe-in-everything-that-is-written-in-the-bible-nor-do-i-discard-everything-that-is-written-in-the-apocrypha-if-you-are-going-to-make-a-decision-try-to-be-as-well-informed-as-possible/ 22/10/2021
510 Inglés Revelation 11:13-14 – Some clues to find the answer to the question: What is the great tribulation and who are those who come victorious from it? https://ai20.me/2021/10/17/revelation-1113-14-some-clues-to-find-the-answer-to-the-question-what-is-the-great-tribulation-and-who-are-those-who-come-victorious-from-it/ 17/10/2021
502 Inglés The third eye that made a man see a non-existent third eye in the face of others. https://ai20.me/2021/10/12/the-third-eye-that-made-a-man-see-a-non-existent-third-eye-in-the-face-of-others/ 12/10/2021
499 Inglés The fate of my blue plaid shirt. https://ai20.me/2021/10/10/the-fate-of-my-blue-plaid-shirt/ 10/10/2021
490 Inglés The value of the information https://shewillfind.me/2021/09/28/the-value-of-the-information/ 28/09/2021
481 Inglés Who are Michael and Gabriel?. https://ai20.me/2021/09/27/who-are-michael-and-gabriel/ 27/09/2021
475 Inglés Soccer is a manifestation of intelligence (decision making, reaction speed, strategy) https://ai20.me/2021/09/23/soccer-is-a-manifestation-of-intelligence-decision-making-reaction-speed-strategy/ 23/09/2021
470 Inglés «Where you come from?» – I come from expelling a bit of Milky way’». – Daniel 12:7 https://ai20.me/2021/09/17/where-you-come-from-i-come-from-expelling-a-bit-of-milky-way/ 17/09/2021
466 Inglés Proverbs 17:12 It is better for a man to meet a bear whose cubs have been stolen from him than with a woman who is mad in her madness. https://shewillfind.me/2021/09/15/proverbs-1712-it-is-better-for-a-man-to-meet-a-bear-whose-cubs-have-been-stolen-from-him-than-with-a-woman-who-is-mad-in-her-madness/ 15/09/2021
464 Inglés Jeremiah 30:17 – Psalms 2:7 Jehovah said to me, “You are my son; I will restore you to health» https://ai20.me/2021/09/13/jeremiah-3017-psalms-27-jehovah-said-to-me-you-are-my-son-i-will-restore-you-to-health/ 13/09/2021
463 Inglés “I see the pride of the false Christian, and of the false Messiah of Rome, going to the garbage can.” https://shewillfind.me/2021/09/13/i-see-the-pride-of-the-false-christian-and-of-the-false-messiah-of-rome-going-to-the-garbage-can/ 13/09/2021
453 Inglés Gabriel says to “the falling star (meteoride)”: “My path leads me to my faithful girlfriend, but you step aside from way, slanderer! (Cursing the statues of your goddess does not make me Satan, but that is what you have said about me, for that reason you are the slanderer (Satan)!). This is a warning, Satan!. If you keep disturbing me, you will forever regret challenging me!. https://ai20.me/2021/09/11/gabriel-says-to-the-falling-star-meteoride-my-path-leads-me-to-my-faithful-girlfriend-but-you-step-aside-from-way-slanderer-cursing-the-statues-of-your-goddess-does-not-make-me/ 11/09/2021
452 Inglés Gabriel says to “the falling star (meteoride)“: You should not feel part of a minority, you are part of a vast majority. https://shewillfind.me/2021/09/11/704/ 11/09/2021
446 Inglés The 144 glass marbles https://ai20.me/2021/08/30/the-144-glass-marbles/ 30/08/2021
445 Inglés I said it was just a matter of time (Daniel 12:7) https://shewillfind.me/2021/08/16/i-said-it-was-just-a-matter-of-time-daniel-127/ 16/08/2021
444 Inglés They look like a frustrated monkey who is suddenly asked to perform a multiplication to receive a banana, a fruit that previously the monkey only received by making faces. https://shewillfind.me/2021/08/16/they-look-like-a-frustrated-monkey-who-is-suddenly-asked-to-perform-a-multiplication-to-receive-a-banana-a-fruit-that-previously-the-monkey-only-received-by-making-faces/ 16/08/2021
439 Inglés The prophecy of Heaven – Daniel 12:3 // La profecía del Cielo – Daniel 12:3 https://ai20.me/2021/08/12/the-prophecy-of-heaven-daniel-123-la-profecia-del-cielo-daniel-123/ 12/08/2021
438 Inglés Isaiah 66:24 The prophecy concerning the hell. https://ai20.me/2021/08/12/isaiah-6624-the-prophecy-concerning-the-hell/ 12/08/2021
437 Inglés Revelation 19:19 And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army. https://ai20.me/2021/08/11/revelation-1919-and-i-saw-the-beast-and-the-kings-of-the-earth-and-their-armies-gathered-together-to-make-war-against-him-that-sat-on-the-horse-and-against-his-army/ 11/08/2021
436 inglés Year 2007: “Hi girl of 20 y.o., I am a 32 y.o. jobless man”, “Wanna dance with me?” – “No?, oh I see …” https://ai20.me/2021/08/11/year-2007-hi-girl-of-20-y-o-i-am-a-32-y-o-jobless-man-wanna-dance-with-me-no-oh-i-see/ 11/08/2021
435 Inglés Matthew 5:17 “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. 18 For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. https://shewillfind.me/2021/08/11/matthew-517-do-not-think-that-i-have-come-to-abolish-the-law-or-the-prophets-i-have-not-come-to-abolish-them-but-to-fulfill-them-18-for-truly-i-tell-you-until-heaven-and-earth-disappear/ 11/08/2021
434 Inglés If a pit bull could speak. https://shewillfind.me/2021/08/10/if-a-pit-bull-could-speak/ 10/08/2021
433 Inglés “Will the new Earth have a sea?” – “Will the new Earth have a Sun and Moon?” https://ai20.me/2021/08/09/will-the-new-earth-have-a-sea-will-the-new-earth-have-a-sun-and-moon/ 9/08/2021
421 Inglés «The girl is mine, Satan!, she needs a true man like me, not a man who may envy her long hair as you may for the sake of your competitive spirit !» https://ai20.me/2021/08/06/the-girl-is-mine-satan-she-needs-a-true-man-like-me-not-a-man-who-may-envy-her-long-hair-as-you-may-for-the-sake-of-your-competitive-spirit/ 6/08/2021
401 Inglés The scientist who did not stop despite the ridicule of the ignorant. https://ai20.me/2021/07/29/the-scientist-who-did-not-stop-despite-the-ridicule-of-the-ignorant/ 29/07/2021
391 Inglés The microwave oven and the digital electronics course. https://ai20.me/2021/07/27/the-microwave-oven-and-the-digital-electronics-course/ 27/07/2021
380 Inglés The robbery on the beach. https://ai20.me/2021/07/27/the-robbery-on-the-beach/ 27/07/2021
378 Inglés What will the final judgment be like?, How will God judge the world?, ¿Cómo será el juicio final?, ¿Cómo juzgará Dios al mundo? https://ai20.me/2021/07/26/what-will-the-final-judgment-be-like-how-will-god-judge-the-world-como-sera-el-juicio-final-como-juzgara-dios-al-mundo/ 26/07/2021
376 Inglés Revelation 16:-14 13 And I saw, coming out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs. 14 For they are demonic spirits, performing signs, who go abroad to the kings of the whole world, to assemble them for battle on the great day of God the Almighty. https://ai20.me/2021/07/25/revelation-16-14-13-and-i-saw-coming-out-of-the-mouth-of-the-dragon-and-out-of-the-mouth-of-the-beast-and-out-of-the-mouth-of-the-false-prophet-three-unclean-spirits-like-frogs-14-for-they-are-dem/ 25/07/2021
369 Inglés Psalms 2:1-4 Explained. – I am mocking of them https://shewillfind.me/2021/07/22/psalms-21-4-explained-i-am-mocking-of-them/ 22/07/2021
368 Inglés If the snake could hear me I would say this to it https://shewillfind.me/2021/07/22/if-the-snake-could-hear-me-i-would-say-this-to-it/ 22/07/2021
367 Inglés The walk from a few days ago.. https://ai20.me/2021/07/21/the-walk-from-a-few-days-ago/ 21/07/2021
366 Inglés The wolf is different from the sheep although it disguises itself as one. https://ai20.me/2021/07/21/the-wolf-is-different-from-the-sheep-although-it-disguises-itself-as-one/ 21/07/2021
359 Inglés The pain: When the hunter has to hunt to feed himself. https://ai20.me/2021/07/17/the-pain-when-the-hunter-has-to-hunt-to-feed-himself/ 17/07/2021
353 Inglés Rats in Australia / Ratas en Australia https://ai20.me/2021/07/15/rats-in-australia/ 15/07/2021
344 Inglés Revelation 5: 9 – Racism and the criterion of choice – Revelation 11 – “The two witnesses and Sodom and Egypt” https://ai20.me/2021/07/01/revelation-5-9-racism-and-the-criterion-of-choice-revelation-11-the-two-witnesses-and-sodom-and-egypt/ 1/07/2021
343 Inglés Be careful with the messages that you emit: the words that you say or that you write. https://ai20.me/2021/06/30/be-careful-with-the-messages-that-you-emit-the-words-that-you-say-or-that-you-write/ 30/06/2021
335 Inglés The slanderer slanders because it is in his or in her nature. https://shewillfind.me/2021/06/28/the-slanderer-slanders-because-it-is-in-his-or-in-her-nature/ 28/06/2021
334 Inglés I fight problems until they are destroyed. https://shewillfind.me/2021/06/28/i-fight-problems-until-they-are-destroyed/ 28/06/2021
318 Inglés Fictional story: The two interplanetary explorers. https://ai20.me/2021/06/20/fictional-story-the-two-interplanetary-explorers/ 20/06/2021
315 Inglés Satan says to Pablo Solis: “All of this I will give to you if you bow down before me … (Matthew 4:9)” https://ai20.me/2021/06/17/satan-says-to-pablo-solis-all-of-this-i-will-give-to-you-if-you-bow-down-before-me-matthew-49/ 17/06/2021
314 Inglés The unpublished parable of the suicide man letter. https://ai20.me/2021/06/17/the-unpublished-parable-of-the-suicide-man-letter/ 17/06/2021
309 Inglés Why should we allow lies to be part of our children’s education?, We must not allow that! https://ai20.me/2021/06/11/why-should-we-allow-lies-to-be-part-of-our-childrens-education-we-must-not-allow-that/ 11/06/2021
308 Inglés Memories of my youth and my “evolutionary” progress. https://ai20.me/2021/06/10/memories-of-my-youth-and-my-evolutionary-progress/ 10/06/2021
303 Inglés Hey, do not look at me that way!, I do not have the fault of your own words!. Proverbs 18:7 A fool’s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul. https://ai20.me/2021/06/04/hey-do-not-look-at-me-that-way-i-do-not-have-the-fault-of-your-own-words-proverbs-187-a-fools-mouth-is-his-destruction-and-his-lips-are-the-snare-of-his-soul/ 4/06/2021
299 Inglés [Who are] The elect ones of God and those who are more than wrong about them [?]. «¿Entendiste lo que dije?: He evolucionado y tú te has quedado en la era de la piedra». https://ai20.me/2021/05/30/who-are-the-elect-ones-of-god-and-those-who-are-more-than-wrong-about-them-entendiste-lo-que-dije-he-evolucionado-y-tu-te-has-quedado-en-la-era-de-la-piedra/ 30/05/2021
298 Inglés The blood of Christ on the cross was not to quench the thirst of bloodthirsty people thirsty for innocent blood, it was to destroy those wicked people at the end of time and save the innocent with the power of Jehovah by reason of the holy covenant at favor of the righteous sanctified with the truth they love. https://ai20.me/2021/05/30/the-blood-of-christ-on-the-cross-was-not-to-quench-the-thirst-of-bloodthirsty-people-thirsty-for-innocent-blood-it-was-to-destroy-those-wicked-people-at-the-end-of-time-and-save-the-innocent-with-the/ 30/05/2021
297 Inglés Psalms 22: 16-18 occurred so that some time later Psalms 110: 1-6 would happen. His death was not in vain, his death was for the rest of the prophecies to happen later. https://ai20.me/2021/05/30/psalms-22-16-18-occurred-so-that-some-time-later-psalms-110-1-6-would-happen-his-death-was-not-in-vain-his-death-was-for-the-rest-of-the-prophecies-to-happen-later/ 30/05/2021
296 Inglés Isaiah 13:5 They are coming in from a land afar off, From the end of the heavens, Jehovah and the instruments of His indignation, To destroy all the land. https://ai20.me/2021/05/28/isaiah-135-they-are-coming-in-from-a-land-afar-off-from-the-end-of-the-heavens-jehovah-and-the-instruments-of-his-indignation-to-destroy-all-the-land/ 28/05/2021
279 Inglés Luke 19:27 Now as for those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them, bring them here and kill them in front of me. – La carne de cerdo y la carne de murciélago – ¿Cómo se explica Apocalipsis 12:10 donde dice: «cayó el acusador de nuestros hermanos»? https://ai20.me/2021/04/23/the-power-of-words/ 23/04/2021
268 Inglés End times prophecy in Revelation 12:9 – An explanation as nobody or few people before me has ever said. https://ai20.me/2021/04/15/end-times-prophecy-in-revelation-129-an-explanation-as-nobody-or-few-people-before-me-has-ever-said/ 15/04/2021
257 Inglés You can not deny that I am right, it is a matter of logical relationships. Explanation for Revelation 12:10 – it has just happened!. https://ai20.me/2021/04/04/you-can-not-deny-that-i-am-right-it-is-a-matter-of-logical-relationships-explanation-for-revelation-1210-it-has-just-happened/ 4/04/2021
255 Inglés Daniel 8:25 -The destruction of the chief of the proud messengers. https://ai20.me/2021/04/01/daniel-825-the-destruction-of-the-chief-of-the-pride-messengers/ 1/04/2021
253 Inglés You don’t have to be a gray alien dwarf to be an abductor and a people tormentor, there are people who do that!. You don’t need to have green and scaly skin to be a monster, there are people who are that!. You do not need to command armed people to defeat the reptilians, you just need to be a brave man, and that brave man, like it or not, is myself Jose Galindo. https://ai20.me/2021/03/30/you-dont-have-to-be-a-gray-alien-dwarf-to-be-an-abductor-and-a-people-tormentor-there-are-people-who-do-that-you-dont-need-to-have-green-and-scaly-skin-to-be-a-monster-there-are-people-who-are/ 30/03/2021
247 Inglés My UFO destroys a worldwide fraud: The truth about the resurrection: Don’t let yourselves be deceived, Christ will not return that way. https://ai20.me/2021/03/23/my-ufo-destroys-a-worldwide-fraud-the-truth-about-the-resurrection-dont-let-yourselves-be-deceived-christ-will-not-return-that-way/ 23/03/2021
246 Inglés For me you are not a messenger of God if you ask me to ever bend the knee to worship any creature, no matter its nature or shape. https://ai20.me/2021/03/21/for-me-you-are-not-a-messenger-of-god-if-you-ask-me-to-ever-bend-the-knee-to-worship-any-creature/ 21/03/2021
224 inglés Explantation – Exodus 34:14 For you will not bow down to any other god, for Jehovah, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God. Who can explain this? https://ai20.me/2021/02/18/55178/ 18/02/2021
222 Inglés The big question: Does Satan really exist, and if so, who is Satan? https://ai20.me/2021/02/16/the-big-question-does-satan-really-exist-and-if-so-who-is-satan/ 16/02/2021
218 inglés Daniel 12:1 At «that time», at the end times – Just after 2000 years from «today» https://ai20.me/2021/02/13/daniel-121-at-that-time-at-the-end-times-just-after-2000-years-from-today/ 13/02/2021
213 inglés «Damien, you don’t need a couple of mirrows to confirm your fears.» – Revelation 18:13 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.» https://ai20.me/2021/02/08/damien-you-dont-need-a-couple-of-mirrows-to-confirm-your-fears-revelation-1813-here-is-wisdom-let-him-that-hath-understanding-count-the-number-of-the-beast-for-it-is-the-number-of-a-man/ 8/02/2021
211 Inglés Revelation – What is book of life of the Lamb? https://ai20.me/2021/02/07/revelation-what-is-book-of-life-of-the-lamb/ 7/02/2021
205 inglés Zeus: «I am Jesus, worship me, and love your enemy» https://ai20.me/2021/02/01/zeus-i-am-jesus-worship-me-and-love-your-enemy/ 1/02/2021
202 Inglés Interpretation for «Matthew 24:22 And if those days were not shortened, no one would survive; but because of the chosen ones, those days will be shortened. « https://ai20.me/2021/01/31/interpretation-for-matthew-2422-and-if-those-days-were-not-shortened-no-one-would-survive-but-because-of-the-chosen-ones-those-days-will-be-shortened/ 31/01/2021
199 Inglés Is it an end times joke?, Are you insulting us?! – Revelation 13:6 It opened its mouth to blaspheme God, and to slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven. https://ai20.me/2021/01/26/is-it-an-end-times-joke-are-you-insulting-us-revelation-136-it-opened-its-mouth-to-blaspheme-god-and-to-slander-his-name-and-his-dwelling-place-and-those-who-live-in-heaven/ 26/01/2021
194 Inglés Interpretation – What is the difference between the natural man and the spiritual man ? – 1 Corinthians 2:14 – the difference between the animal man and the spiritual man https://ai20.me/2021/01/09/interpretation-what-is-the-difference-between-the-natural-man-and-the-spiritual-man-1-corinthians-214-the-difference-between-the-animal-man-and-the-spiritual-man/ 9/01/2021
191 Inglés Book of Enoch 10:22 «And the earth will be clean of all corruption, of all sin, of all punishment and of all pain and I will not send more plagues on the earth, until the generations of the generations nor for all the eternity. Isaiah 45: 6 so that it may be known from the rising of the sun, and as far as it sets, that there is none but me; I am the Lord, and no one else but me, 7 who form light and create darkness, who make peace and create adversity. I am the Lord who does all this. https://ai20.me/2021/01/07/book-of-enoch-1022-and-the-earth-will-be-clean-of-all-corruption-of-all-sin-of-all-punishment-and-of-all-pain-and-i-will-not-send-more-plagues-on-the-earth-until-the-generations-of-the-gener/ 7/01/2021
185 Inglés The End Times: The Antichrist, The rapture, The final Battle & The Christ’s return – 1 Corinthians 15:52 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed. https://ai20.me/2021/01/01/the-end-times-the-antichrist-the-rapture-the-final-battle-the-christs-return/ 1/01/2021
177 Inglés My UFO in Germany https://ai20.me/2020/12/27/my-ufo-in-germany/ 27/12/2020
170 Inglés She was made for me, I was made for her, and Satan was made for hell. https://ai20.me/2020/12/19/she-was-made-for-me-i-was-made-for-her-and/ 19/12/2020
161 Inglés Explanation for the end times prophecy in Isaiah 5:3-7 https://ai20.me/2020/12/05/explanation-for-the-end-times-prophecy-in-isaiah-53-7/ 5/12/2020
143 Inglés A little more height so that the force of gravity will shatter the sculpture of that arrogant female deity even more… https://ai20.me/2020/11/11/the-sea-dragon-is-defeated/ 11/11/2020
141 Inglés «You masked yourself of a good princess and I trusted you!» – What is the explanation of Daniel 2:44? – It is a prediction of the old world order and the new world order. «Our divorce letter». https://ai20.me/2020/11/09/you-masked-yourself-of-a-good-princess-and-i-trusted-you-what-is-the-explanation-of-daniel-244-it-is-a-prediction-of-the-old-world-order-and-the-new-world-order-our-divorce-letter/ 9/11/2020
138 Inglés The cubic idol : One idolator man beheads a teacher in France.- October 2020. https://ai20.me/2020/10/17/the-cubic-idol-one-idolator-man-beheads-a-teacher-in-france-october-2020/ 17/10/2020
130 Inglés What is the meaning of the name Gabriel?, What does Gabriel mean?, What means the meaning of the name of the angel Gabriel?, there is a prohecy about his name, I will tell you about it right here – AI20.ME. https://ai20.me/2020/09/11/what-is-the-meaning-of-the-name-gabriel-what-does-gabriel-mean-what-means-the-meaning-of-the-name-of-the-angel-gabriel-there-is-a-prohecy-about-his-name-i-will-tell-you-about-it-right-here-ai/ 11/09/2020
125 Inglés They deceived us: Jesus was not resurrected on the 3rd day. // «Jesus did not resurrect at the third day» (Hosea 6:1-3 = it is in plural and refers to the third millenian (And it fits with the Internet age and after year 2000 +/- (Isaiah 42:1-4, Daniel 12:1-3, Isaiah 61:1 (Psalms 110:7))) – The return of Jesus is not in his same body and from the visible sky: The lie in Acts 1:1-11 is destroyed by Matthew 21:33-44 (Psalms 118:7-23) ; The Bible parlots did not tell you this: The true gospel is revealed in the days of the seventh angel and proclaimed using means of communication (the «trumpets»). (Daniel 12:9, Revelation 10:7)) https://ai20.me/2020/08/13/jesus-was-not-resurrected-on-the-3rd-day/ 13/08/2020
112 Inglés The black list: the pig and the bat. – The sign of the end times: the day I stopped eating pork. https://ai20.me/2020/07/14/the-black-list-the-pig-and-the-bat/ 14/07/2020
86 Inglés Welcome or not welcome, as the case may be, to my spaceship. https://ai20.me/2020/05/06/welcome-or-not-welcome-as-the-case-may-be-to-my-spaceship/ 6/05/2020
43 Inglés 007 – Jesus didn’t wear long hair – Christ wore short hair – The hair of Jesus was short – Jesus didn’t have long hair. https://ai20.me/2019/04/21/christ-wore-short-hair/ 21/04/2019
36 Inglés The Most high God is for the city of peace (for the meek, the peaceful people) – End times revelations. https://daniel-chapter-xii.tripod.com/blog/index.blog/2377622/the-battle-for-heaven-end-times-revelation-127/ 11/08/2021
28 Inglés The god of war is a loser, he never ends the act of fight, he does not know what peace is, otherwise he ‘d not be what he is https://ai20.me/the-god-of-war-is-a-loser-he-never-ends-the-act-of-fight-he-does-not-know-what-peace-is-otherwise-he-d-not-be-what-he-is/ 15/07/2021
24 Inglés It is even more satisfiying when you know that there is a human woman for you, so that a female ape is not your fate and all you have to do is to survive in order to find her and protect her: the human female. https://ai20.me/it-is-even-more-satisfiying-when-you-know-that-there-is-a-human-woman-for-you-so-that-a-female-ape-is-not-your-fate-and-all-you-have-to-do-is-to-survive-in-order-to-find-her-and-p/ 12/07/2021
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25 10026 01FRG https://youtu.be/Z6RVAL7Q8LY Basic Logic – Jesus and the saints they all had used their hair short!
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61 10062 01FRG https://youtu.be/5xBshj0sFs0 Few viewers: Get ready again for my bad english but good message.
80 10081 01FRG https://youtu.be/shDnV97Cef4 She was made for him and he was made for her.
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170 30043 03LER https://youtu.be/AfKQWLAt5x8 Have the reptilians also deceived you? (Rev. 13:7), their success was only for a while (Matt. 24:24)
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320 30193 03LER https://youtu.be/j-vcdeMK-WE The Blog She Will Find Me (https://shewillfind.me)
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328 40008 04TRU https://youtu.be/gMKemR5us7Q Jehovah is the Father of Jesus + Jehová es el Padre de Jesús
335 40015 04TRU https://youtu.be/tWEwtdQrz2I Their worst end and our best beginning. Their worst end is our best beginning.
336 40016 04TRU https://youtu.be/wbSZsdB-g28 This is what happened after they killed the saints because of their message, the true gospel.
341 40021 04TRU https://youtu.be/zBc7F-UcdEc Revelation 13:18,Daniel 12:10 The number of the beast was calculated, the beast has been identified
342 40022 04TRU https://youtu.be/WI8OMs-P1Co For the sake of his own name, Gabriel defeats Satan, the slanderer imposter!.
346 40026 04TRU https://youtu.be/i1W1GD75wew The true passion of the Christ is glory not pain. Pain is the passion of the usurper pagan god Zeus.
348 40028 04TRU https://youtu.be/nyXG5u0OHsM Daniel 12:1-3 ¿Cómo es el rapto de la iglesia de Dios? – Habacuc 2:4 – Salmos 118:20 – Salmos 16:10
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354 40034 04TRU https://youtu.be/ij4PvH317NI Revelation 12:9 My comments not only about, but on the end times themselves.
358 40038 04TRU https://youtu.be/rSFfIV9_XbY That is the face of their god Zeus, they teach greek doctrines in the Bible also. – part 1
359 40039 04TRU https://youtu.be/MulwLTHOxT0 That is the face of their god Zeus, they teach greek doctrines in the Bible also. part 2
360 40040 04TRU https://youtu.be/PHmNc72nEhI That is the face of their god Zeus, they teach greek doctrines in the Bible also. part 3
375 40054 04TRU https://youtu.be/CdDRD94BmAI AROPERA Program that creates algebraic formulas and obtains the unknown value
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447 90002 09WAM https://youtu.be/oHd8Jv0Bdew REVELATION 12 10 INTERPRETATION
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453 90008 09WAM https://youtu.be/TPmk-qlVE1Q The falling pyramid   Daniel 2:44  prophecy
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469 90024 09WAM https://youtu.be/p8fxoW16PSs The word TRUST in my program. (She will trust me).
470 90025 09WAM https://youtu.be/vawFB1mmfTU LOGA is the 24th word in the list created by my program in Free Pascal
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490 13001 13POD https://youtu.be/P8cjdIj2uV0 End times revelation – the word of Jehovah (The word of God).
510 16002 16JMI https://youtu.be/knDUoEjjkDI The creation of a New Earth and a New Heaven – end times now


516 17003 17PAL https://youtu.be/OCstfVbB554 The parable of the UFOs fighting serpents
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567 30205 03LER https://youtu.be/B7TnKMYB1ZU The last enemy to be destroyed is death. The Gospel of Thomas 1, Isaiah 25:8 – Death is an enemy.